Friday, October 16, 2009


we've got mail.

since saturday, our only communication with mr. arganbright has been through the mail. three letters for me and one for little p. she was so excited, we read it four times. her letter even had a picture of daddy and his friends, standing around...

which, apparently, is what he's spent a lot of time doing so far.
i read and re-read his words. it helps me feel close to him, it's like i can hear his voice.

 the past few days have been hard on piper, but i thought i was sort of getting a routine down and getting used to his absence. apparently i was not.
today i watched no reservations (not the best movie ever, but not bad) and there's this scene where aaron eckhart's character comes to hang out with abigail breslin. i remember thinking,
"his outfit is cute. i wonder if seth would wear something like that." and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, i was sobbing. like, hard, body-shaking sobs. it wasn't a sad part, i wasn't getting choked up, i didn't feel it coming, it was just totally unexpected and overwhelming.

it was so strange. when i regained composure (and convinced piper that i was actually laughing), i thought,
"what the heck was that?"

all i could think is that my focus on the girls has distracted me from being sad and, for whatever reason, seeing aaron eckhart play with abigail breslin made me miss mr. arganbright. and cry.
a lot.

this is hard, but it is good. i'm learning a lot and in just a week i've grown so much. man. growing is tough, huh? but i promise, we are doing well. i'm so blessed by all the support we have. i can feel that we are being prayed for. which is awesome.

i miss this face. i want to kiss it.
everyone give your hubby a great big kiss when you get home today.

*sorry for the erratic post. this was supposed to be about mail. never know whatyergunnaget here at d.t.w.s.l.d!


  1. YAY for letters!!!

    What does next week look like for you guys??

  2. glad to know i am not the only one that breaks out into uncontrolled sobs @ the weirdest times. lots of love headed your way!

  3. sniff...a few more tears for my little sis. these get me every time.

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