Wednesday, October 28, 2009


support your local dollar spot.
piper and i picked up this goodie the other day & were entertained for hours! okay, at least one hour.

piper made sure the tub was nice & warm for the waterbirth.

one by one, the little monsters came into the world.

and one by one, they were plucked out of the water,

and given a kiss and a name.

once we dried them off, they were ready to play.

meet the newest members of our family:

iggy and ziggy (the twins), ophie, cecile, and kevin.


  1. this is so sweet!
    i love all your pictures bethany!

  2. That Kevin is a charmer.

    And Piper's face is so sweet in these!!

  3. thanks for this idea! my kids would love these! i hope they play with them for "hours" too :)

  4. oh goodness, this is probably the cutest post ever. Water-birth? Ophie? KEVIN? amazing! i remember loving those capsules as a kid, so fun!

  5. ever noticed there are expensive $1 stores (oxymoron but it's true) and inexpensive $1 stores? My favorite is the one across from Hyvee in Ankeny....inexpensive! The worst is on Ankeny Blvd. by Hyvee Drugstore...daylight robbery.


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