Wednesday, October 28, 2009


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piper and i picked up this goodie the other day & were entertained for hours! okay, at least one hour.

piper made sure the tub was nice & warm for the waterbirth.

one by one, the little monsters came into the world.

and one by one, they were plucked out of the water,

and given a kiss and a name.

once we dried them off, they were ready to play.

meet the newest members of our family:

iggy and ziggy (the twins), ophie, cecile, and kevin.

Monday, October 26, 2009


that's life.

jacket: topshop
(bought for me by the ever-stylish everyday prorsum on his european vacay last year!)
t-shirt: j.crew
(hand-me-down from joseph's mom!)
jeans: gap
shoes: very volatile (from von maur)

Sunday, October 25, 2009


wow, what a week. you may have noticed there was nary an update on this blogspot. (why? see: first sentence of this post.) i would apologize, but there's no room on my
Things to Feel Guilty About list. ha.
anyway, the past week was a blur of crying, tantrums, and time-outs (for piper, too). but it actually ended on a nice note...

we joined a group of childless-hipsters* and trekked out to the Happy Apple Orchard. it was, indeed, happy. we made some new friends and reacquainted with some old friends, all the while plucking tasty apples right off the trees. piper was making us laugh because she'd want to eat an apple but didn't like the skin, so she'd take one bite of an apple and chuck it as hard as she could. this happened again and again.
(what do they say is the definition of insanity?)
afterward, we ate potato soup, apple salsa, apple cider, and caramel apples. it was the perfect fall day.

*the childless hipsters. a term i use in endearment and mild jealousy.

aaaaand chuck.

quinn joined in the fun.

i wore....

scarf: forever21
vest: gap (soooooo old)
sweatshirt: j.crew
jeans: gap
boots: bitten (steve & barry's)

this is piper and i last year at the Happy Apple Orchard...

the changes a year brings.

Saturday, October 17, 2009


have you met my dad? some people call him J.O. when i was little i called him dad-o. now i just call him dad.
some of the reasons i  love my dad...
  1. he likes good music, movies, and books.
  2. he's a good storyteller.
  3. he makes up silly songs.
  4. he tells me and my girls that we're pretty.
  5. at age 50-something, he's a cyclist, mountaineer, and runner.
  6. he gives guidance rather than advice.
  7. he claims he's not an "emotional guy" but he really is.
  8. he writes funny clues on the outside of our christmas gifts.
  9. he's a talker and a listener. good combination.
10. he gave me the Shotgun Talk this week.

since mr. arganbright is gone, i think our parents may be a little bit concerned about our safety. we live on a fairly busy street that lots of people walk down and doesn't have streetlights. soon it'll be getting dark by like, noon each day and toting two kids and all our stuff in & out of the house could make me somewhat vulnerable. plus, there've been some creepers around our town and a few minor garage robberies.
anyway, the other night at dinner, dad-o was just reminding me to be aware of my surroundings, lock doors, leave a light or two on when i'm gone, et cetera; and the conversation turned to guns. mr. arganbright owns a few and keeps a pistol on a super-high shelf in our closet that i can't even reach. i joked to my dad that i should've had him teach me how to use it. my dad hesitated, but eventually said that actually, a shotgun would be better because it's sending out a spray of bitty-bullets rather than one bullet. making my chance of actually hitting someone much greater. he paused again, trying to decide the most tactful and non-scary way to say that; in the event someone broke into our house, i should get the girls and the shotgun, crouch down into the corner of the room and say,
"i have a gun and if you don't leave my house by the count of five i will kill you."
he specifically told me to say "kill you" rather than "shoot you" because (and i quote) if i shot a robber and didn't kill him, it most-likely would not end well for me.

our dinner conversation may be a little shocking, but it made me feel loved. of course my dad doesn't expect for me to ever have to say the words, "i will kill you" or ever use a gun, but he wants me to be prepared and safe.

when we were kids, our family had a secret signal. if ever an adult came up to us and said, "hey, your mom's sick and she asked me to pick you up from school." they had to hold up three fingers. the three fingers stood for: i. love. you. i never had to use the secret signal, but it always made me feel safe just to have it.

it's kinda like my dad gave me a new secret signal this week. it requires more than three fingers and hopefully i'll never have to use it, but it makes me feel safe just to have it.

Friday, October 16, 2009


we've got mail.

since saturday, our only communication with mr. arganbright has been through the mail. three letters for me and one for little p. she was so excited, we read it four times. her letter even had a picture of daddy and his friends, standing around...

which, apparently, is what he's spent a lot of time doing so far.
i read and re-read his words. it helps me feel close to him, it's like i can hear his voice.

 the past few days have been hard on piper, but i thought i was sort of getting a routine down and getting used to his absence. apparently i was not.
today i watched no reservations (not the best movie ever, but not bad) and there's this scene where aaron eckhart's character comes to hang out with abigail breslin. i remember thinking,
"his outfit is cute. i wonder if seth would wear something like that." and all of a sudden, out of nowhere, i was sobbing. like, hard, body-shaking sobs. it wasn't a sad part, i wasn't getting choked up, i didn't feel it coming, it was just totally unexpected and overwhelming.

it was so strange. when i regained composure (and convinced piper that i was actually laughing), i thought,
"what the heck was that?"

all i could think is that my focus on the girls has distracted me from being sad and, for whatever reason, seeing aaron eckhart play with abigail breslin made me miss mr. arganbright. and cry.
a lot.

this is hard, but it is good. i'm learning a lot and in just a week i've grown so much. man. growing is tough, huh? but i promise, we are doing well. i'm so blessed by all the support we have. i can feel that we are being prayed for. which is awesome.

i miss this face. i want to kiss it.
everyone give your hubby a great big kiss when you get home today.

*sorry for the erratic post. this was supposed to be about mail. never know whatyergunnaget here at d.t.w.s.l.d!

Monday, October 12, 2009


i've been taking pictures lately but not posting them. luckily, you haven't missed much. i've basically been wearing the same thing every day, with just slight variation. lots of this cardigan with j.crew graphic t's & the boyfriend jeans...

i love it 'cause it's lightweight, a good layering piece, and the teeny-tiny stripe adds interest but can be paired with just about anything.

last night i switched things up a bit. i went to hear author donald miller speak (great.great.great. go see him.) so i worked a bit of back-to-school into my everday look:

maybe i need go go back to school to learn how to not cut my head off in pictures. seriously. i took like 4 pictures and this is the most my head appeared in any of them. i don't have a tripod so i usually have to balance my camera precariously on miscellaneous items i find in the kitchen. i think yesterday it was piper's high-chair and an oven mitt.
note to self: high-chair and oven mitt = no head.


this has so many layers...

the practical did you lock that door? are the outside lights on? tomorrow is trash day, but not recycling. next week is trash and recycling. you need groceries. popcorn is not acceptable for dinner more than once a week. mortgage? check. water? check. car? check. phone? check. insurance? check.
the emotional i miss you. i need you. i can do this. i can't do this. i'm weak. i'm scared. i'm strong. i'm brave. i'm lonely. 
the physical i'm exhausted but lie awake. i wear your clothes to feel close to you. my chest feels hollow. my stomach, knotted. my eyes burn with tears, my head strains and aches to fight them. 

with each layer, i get better.
wiser, braver, stronger.
just better.
i guess we're kinda both in boot camp.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009


a few days ago i was looking at a necklace like this on etsy and i showed it to mr. arganbright.
this morning i was getting ready to drop him off at the base.
i was drying my hair, but trying to prepare my heart.
he came into the bathroom.
"this is a cool necklace, too."
and he hung this around my neck...

i'm so proud to wear it.
it won't come off 'til he's home.

Sunday, October 04, 2009


sorry i haven't really felt like blogging lately. i guess i just don't want to be debbie-blogspot-downer. i'm not like, deeply depressed, but maybe a little depressed. it's so strange--my emotions are so jumpy lately. i'll feel totally fine and even optimistic, but then all of a sudden, in the unexpected moments, i'll get really emotional, teary, and sometimes really anxious.
anyway, i just wanted to let you know, i'm still here. i have stuff i want to blog, but just don't have much motivation or creativity flowing right now. maybe in a few days...
thanks for all the support i've received. i appreciate it. and need it.