Sunday, September 27, 2009


i forgot to take a real "wear" picture before we left for the concert, so here's the best i've got:

t-shirt: unknown brand, von maur
tank: liz lange
jeans: paige
bangles/earrings: f21
sandals: old navy
(they look huge on me but it's just how i'm sitting, i promise.)
clutch: banana republic

i wanted to wear something cute since this would be one of our last dates for a while. but, i also think it's kind of silly when people overdress for concerts. particularly outdoor concerts. (i know i shouldn't judge but a girl in front of me was wearing knee-high, brown suede stilletto boots. i mean, was 75 degrees. okay, i'm sorry. i take it back. this is not a mean blog and i'll never judge someone on here again. puss-in-boots, wherever you are, i'm sure you're very sweet and i'm not judging your personality based on your choice of footwear.)  anyway, i opted for this slouchy t that looks really old & broken-in, skinny jeans and some bright accessories. i felt comfy and cute and i overheard dave say,
"look how cool that girl looks in the 4th row"
and he pointed right at me.

*that never happened.
what has this blog become?! judgment and lies! i'm sorry good readers.


  1. O-M-G Bethany! I just died laughing sitting having sushi in the restaurant about your decietful lies :) I really believed Dave said that, but really I'm sure he was totally thinking that.

    Lovin' the clutch! And had I seen this girl in boots, after a few drinks, I probably would have informed her of her poor fashion choices ;( haha JK

  2. Joey, I don't really even know you, except through Bethany's tales, but your comments are always as fun to read as Bethany's!


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