Monday, September 21, 2009


so...sometimes seeing yourself in photograph reveals more than you anticipate. for instance: this photograph reveals to me that i have a huge noggin and should not wear my hair like this. it also reveals that horizontally-striped dresses may not be the most flattering thing for me to wear these days. but it's a heck of a lot better than this look, right? progress people.
dress & sandals: old navy ($15, $11)
tank: j.crew ($6)
necklace: patina (gift)
bangles: f21, thrifted ($8 total)
outfit total: $40...pretty thrifty!


  1. Bethany, you are so funny and we all know you have a better eye for fashion than me! But girl, when I saw this picture I thought you looked great and skinny!

  2. i thought you looked ADORABLE this day! (i think the noggin thing is just on camera)

  3. Bethany?! What are you thinking?!

    I LOVE this outfit & the hair. You look totally fresh & organic looking, very Anthropologie.


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