Tuesday, September 29, 2009


wow. i'm feelin' it today.

i was buying groceries and i cried when i realized mr. arganbright will be gone before we finish this gallon of milk. and in the frozen food aisle i had to count how many more days he'd need a jimmy dean breakfast bowl. (he loves those things. a man of simple tastes, my mr. a.) i thought about how he won't get to see quinn wear the cute glow-in-the-dark skeleton onesie i got for $3. and there was a huge sale on reese's peanut butter cups, but i didn't get them, cause he won't be here to eat them.

the days are numbered. and it's almost worse because there's something going on almost every night until he leaves. take that back: every night until he leaves. our days of just hanging out, wasting the evening away are gone. now every night has a purpose. Last Night with Brothers. Last Night to Work on the House. Last Date Night. Last Night with Friends. Last Small Family Gathering. Last Big Family Gathering. and The Last Supper.

there are seven Lasts, and then he's gone.


  1. Ugh! I felt like someone was clenching my heart as I read your post. I can't even imagine how you feel. I'm sorry, but i know you're strong :)

    XOXO, love you!

  2. tearing up just thinking about this. i don't even really know you guys at all--my heart aches for you guys...I just can't imagine it. Praying for you during it all.

    I am praying the time will go by lickety split---(or slickety dick as the kids say! crass, i know! those kids).

    I don't know what I could do...but if you need ANYTHING...please let us know. lots of love.

  3. does the local ACE provide childcare, mer? :) okay, maybe not. but i know they DO provide lovely mrs. myer's products!

    but really, thanks. i'm gonna practice asking for help so i don't try to do everything on my own and end up losing my s#*t like that poor woman who dragged her kid through radioshack on one of those leash things and ended up on CNN. (did you see that?!)

  4. We should come up with a Piper and Quinn playdate schedule where your babes come play with my babes and you can do whatever you want!!! Sound okay?

    Chad and I want to be there for you in ANY way we can!! Please do not hesitate to ask for ANYTHING!!!

    Big loves!!!!

  5. Bethany,
    I read yours and Haverlees blogs all the time. I love seeing the pics of your little babies growing up but i finally have to ask because i've been wondering for so long, where is he going? (and in case youre wondering who this is..you probably remember me as JEssica Lockhart).

  6. hey jessica! seth is in the nat'l guard and he has to go to fort benning in georgia until the end of january, maybe february. he'll come home for 10 days at christmas, but other than that our only contact will be through writing letters. :( he leaves wednesday morning.

  7. I cant even imagine how hard that must be! I'll be praying for you guys!

  8. Oh Bethany! We'll all get through this together. I love you.

  9. surround yourself with family and friends -- they will definately help the time fly. heard this song and thought of you!

    Your Hands

    I have unanswered prayers
    I have trouble I wish wasn’t there
    And I have asked a thousand ways
    That you would take my pain away
    You would take my pain away

    I am trying to understand
    How to walk this weary land
    Make straight the paths that crooked lie
    Oh Lord, before these feet of mine
    Oh Lord, before these feet of mine

    When my world is shaking, heaven stands
    When my heart is breaking
    I never leave your hands

    When you walked upon the earth
    You healed the broken, lost and hurt
    I know you hate to see me cry
    One day you will set all things right
    Yeah, one day you will set all things right

    When my world is shaking, heaven stands
    When my heart is breaking
    I never leave your hands

    Your hands that shaped the world
    Are holding me
    They hold me still

  10. Mrs. A,
    I can't even imagine how you must be feeling. Lots of luck to your entire family. There are many people out here who will be thinking of you and Mr. A. Be well.
    xo, Ellen


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