Wednesday, September 16, 2009


21 days to....
-finish laying the new floor.
-tear out the old and build the new staircase. (maybe.)
-put the house back together.
-order family pictures so piper can see her daddy every day.
-record mr. a reading piper's favorite stories.
-clean out the garage so i can park there since he won't be here to scrape the snow off my car.
-make a paper chain so we can count down the days until he's home.
-try to sell our subaru so i can pay our bills until his first paycheck comes.
-give 4 months worth of hugs and kisses.
-enjoy every moment. every single little moment.


  1. Hi, I hope this isnt weird, but I read your blog and wondered about your Subaru. What kind of car is it and how much are you wanting to sell it for?

  2. Wow - 21 days! I'm praying for you guys!

  3. oh geez...waterworks. #5 really set me off.


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