Sunday, September 27, 2009


friday night we went to see dave matthews. it had threatened to thunderstorm all week but it turned out to be a gorgeous day and a perfect evening. i'm a "warehouse" member so we got to go in a side entrance a half hour before everyone else. (there are perks to being a big enough dork to join the fan club!) it was sweet. once we got inside the gates we made a run for it to try to get as close as possible. there were probably 1,500 other warehouse members there, too. so as soon as we got to the stage we sat down spread-eagle to try to claim as much space as possible. we had about 2.5 hours to wait til the show actually started. that may seem like a crazy-long time to wait, but we made friends with the people around us and had a lot of fun.

robert randolph & the family band opened and they were great. and dave was amazing. the set list was a lot of new stuff, but there were some good surprises in there, too. he played stay or leave which is kind of "our" song. so we danced and.....then i cried. but, then this drunk girl asked me why i was crying so i told her about mr. a leaving and she gave me a hug, wiped the mascara off my face, and i felt much better.

that is my best friend erika, not the drunk girl.

on the right side of the foreground is a little boy on his dads shoulders. yesterday on the front page of the register was a picture of this little boy and you can see my face in his armpit!


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