Tuesday, September 15, 2009


9.12.09 do.think.wear.see.love.dream turned 1 year old!

happy birthday little blog!
so much has happened in this first year of your life. when i started you, i had just discovered the world of blogging. i'd never read a single blog in my life until last summer. and look at us now...
you: all long-named and randomly-topic'ed.
me: equally long-named and wishing we looked a little cooler
(maybe something like this or this for you. something like this or this for me).
we're quite a pair, you & me.

9.14.09 my nephew was born!

happy birthday dawson graham colyer!
you're so sweet and smoochable. i wish i could have a slumber party at the hospital with your mommy cause i miss you already!
i know you and baby quinn are gonna be best buddies.
love you, little d.


  1. yay for new babes! hope everyone's doing well-especially Have. give her hugs from me!

  2. Happy Birthday, DTWSLD blog!

    We got to see Dawson today. *swoon* It makes my uterus ache to see and hold newborns. Thankfully I can tell it to knock it off...

    Congrats, Auntie!!

  3. Congratulations! :) Missing you tons but getting a small dose from your blog.

  4. thanks for the shout out, says Dawson :)
    Looking forward to having ALL FOUR of our kids together tomorrow!! (woah...crazy) We'll have to get a pic of all the grandkids together for mom and dad!


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