Saturday, September 12, 2009


last night we met up with friends at GoodSons Martini & Panini.
yeah, yeah, we went there last week too. who knows, maybe it'll become our "spot." it's close to home, has a nice patio, good drinks and cheap food. the menu is actually pretty small and simple, but i kinda like that. better to do a few things really well, than have a huge mediocre menu. plus, even though it's not exactly family-oriented, we had two babies and one toddler between us and no one acted annoyed and our waitress even offered to heat up a bottle if we needed it.

i'm actually not a big martini person, but i tried the "pineapple express" and it was pretty good, not too sweet.

mr. arganbright stuck with the usual...

miss millerlite was annoyed with agent gin&tonic because he ate all the gumbo they were supposed to share...

though his name's not actually gin&tonic, he really is an agent...
for the fbi! yeah, i thought they had to wear ear-pieces and black suits all the time, too. disappointing. but he did have a tiny machine gun in his sock.

we all had paninis, but they were devoured before any photographic evidence could be gathered.
(okay, now i'm just trying to impress agent g&t with my lingo...)
we also had dessert.
oh. man.
raspberry and mascarpone panini? yes please! next time i'm skipping dinner and heading straight for dessert.


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