Wednesday, September 09, 2009


man, it's been forever since i've posted! so many times i think,
i'm going to blog this! and then...i don't.
but here are some things we've been doing:
we went to the iowa state fair...twice!
they had the cutest little farm area for kids...

piper wasn't diggin' the tractor...
we saw cute little julianne hough sing country music--for free!
okay, we only stayed for two songs; but it was fun!

we went on a mini-date to goodsons
(martinis and paninis...yum)!

can you see us?

we went to the cafe in ames with some friends.
half of them were named josh.
seth enjoying the best. burger. ever.
my breakfast/dinner combo dish: steak-egg-potato-greenbean-aioli awesomeness...

cherry almond galette with house-made sour cream ice cream!
note: fresh, local ingredients, an ever-changing menu and house-made everything = the cafe is amazing and totally worth the drive. go with friends you have lots to talk about with and you won't even notice it takes 40 minutes to get there!
we walked to panera for breakfast!
and saw lots of geese...
seems like all these "doings" revolve around food.
maybe that's why i still don't fit into my fat jeans.


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