Tuesday, September 29, 2009


this was sunday. as you can see, we were rushing around to get ready for church. not much time for decent pictures. but if i wait until after church to take pictures, i'm too tired. and if i wait til after naptime...well, let's just say i'm not exactly camera-ready.
so, here are the outtakes:

uhhh, everything except sandals: j.crew
sandals: urban outfitters


wow. i'm feelin' it today.

i was buying groceries and i cried when i realized mr. arganbright will be gone before we finish this gallon of milk. and in the frozen food aisle i had to count how many more days he'd need a jimmy dean breakfast bowl. (he loves those things. a man of simple tastes, my mr. a.) i thought about how he won't get to see quinn wear the cute glow-in-the-dark skeleton onesie i got for $3. and there was a huge sale on reese's peanut butter cups, but i didn't get them, cause he won't be here to eat them.

the days are numbered. and it's almost worse because there's something going on almost every night until he leaves. take that back: every night until he leaves. our days of just hanging out, wasting the evening away are gone. now every night has a purpose. Last Night with Brothers. Last Night to Work on the House. Last Date Night. Last Night with Friends. Last Small Family Gathering. Last Big Family Gathering. and The Last Supper.

there are seven Lasts, and then he's gone.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


i forgot to take a real "wear" picture before we left for the concert, so here's the best i've got:

t-shirt: unknown brand, von maur
tank: liz lange
jeans: paige
bangles/earrings: f21
sandals: old navy
(they look huge on me but it's just how i'm sitting, i promise.)
clutch: banana republic

i wanted to wear something cute since this would be one of our last dates for a while. but, i also think it's kind of silly when people overdress for concerts. particularly outdoor concerts. (i know i shouldn't judge but a girl in front of me was wearing knee-high, brown suede stilletto boots. i mean, really...it was 75 degrees. okay, i'm sorry. i take it back. this is not a mean blog and i'll never judge someone on here again. puss-in-boots, wherever you are, i'm sure you're very sweet and i'm not judging your personality based on your choice of footwear.)  anyway, i opted for this slouchy t that looks really old & broken-in, skinny jeans and some bright accessories. i felt comfy and cute and i overheard dave say,
"look how cool that girl looks in the 4th row"
and he pointed right at me.

*that never happened.
what has this blog become?! judgment and lies! i'm sorry good readers.


friday night we went to see dave matthews. it had threatened to thunderstorm all week but it turned out to be a gorgeous day and a perfect evening. i'm a "warehouse" member so we got to go in a side entrance a half hour before everyone else. (there are perks to being a big enough dork to join the fan club!) it was sweet. once we got inside the gates we made a run for it to try to get as close as possible. there were probably 1,500 other warehouse members there, too. so as soon as we got to the stage we sat down spread-eagle to try to claim as much space as possible. we had about 2.5 hours to wait til the show actually started. that may seem like a crazy-long time to wait, but we made friends with the people around us and had a lot of fun.

robert randolph & the family band opened and they were great. and dave was amazing. the set list was a lot of new stuff, but there were some good surprises in there, too. he played stay or leave which is kind of "our" song. so we danced and.....then i cried. but, then this drunk girl asked me why i was crying so i told her about mr. a leaving and she gave me a hug, wiped the mascara off my face, and i felt much better.

that is my best friend erika, not the drunk girl.

on the right side of the foreground is a little boy on his dads shoulders. yesterday on the front page of the register was a picture of this little boy and you can see my face in his armpit!

Friday, September 25, 2009


okay, i know i just posted a bunch of pictures the other day....
but this is big:

Thursday, September 24, 2009


 does boyfriend jeans + boyfriend cardigan =

cardigan, t-shirt, tank, bangles: j.crew
jeans: old navy
flats: aldo

still wearing the boyfriend jeans almost every day.
just doing my part to lower the world's muffin-top population.


supposed to rain.
i love a fashion challenge.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


my girls:

two years old and two months old.


umm, just trying to upload some cute pictures of the girls. felt all peaceful and lovey while i looked through them. but, somehow, the new editing feature is beyond my realm of blogging savvy and i tried unsuccessfully for half an hour to simply put them in order. i mentally screamed (cause they're napping) and then gave up. i no longer feel peaceful and lovey.

maybe i'll try again later.

Monday, September 21, 2009


so...sometimes seeing yourself in photograph reveals more than you anticipate. for instance: this photograph reveals to me that i have a huge noggin and should not wear my hair like this. it also reveals that horizontally-striped dresses may not be the most flattering thing for me to wear these days. but it's a heck of a lot better than this look, right? progress people.
dress & sandals: old navy ($15, $11)
tank: j.crew ($6)
necklace: patina (gift)
bangles: f21, thrifted ($8 total)
outfit total: $40...pretty thrifty!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


21 days to....
-finish laying the new floor.
-tear out the old and build the new staircase. (maybe.)
-put the house back together.
-order family pictures so piper can see her daddy every day.
-record mr. a reading piper's favorite stories.
-clean out the garage so i can park there since he won't be here to scrape the snow off my car.
-make a paper chain so we can count down the days until he's home.
-try to sell our subaru so i can pay our bills until his first paycheck comes.
-give 4 months worth of hugs and kisses.
-enjoy every moment. every single little moment.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


9.12.09 do.think.wear.see.love.dream turned 1 year old!

happy birthday little blog!
so much has happened in this first year of your life. when i started you, i had just discovered the world of blogging. i'd never read a single blog in my life until last summer. and look at us now...
you: all long-named and randomly-topic'ed.
me: equally long-named and wishing we looked a little cooler
(maybe something like this or this for you. something like this or this for me).
we're quite a pair, you & me.

9.14.09 my nephew was born!

happy birthday dawson graham colyer!
you're so sweet and smoochable. i wish i could have a slumber party at the hospital with your mommy cause i miss you already!
i know you and baby quinn are gonna be best buddies.
love you, little d.

Saturday, September 12, 2009


this is what i wore last night...

vest: gap
tank: j.crew
jeans: old navy
sandals: old navy
bracelet: f21
the other solution to my never-ending fat day? boyfriend jeans! they're supposed to look shlumpy! the boyishness and baginess should probably be balanced out with heels or at least something more feminine than a menswear vest; but i had like, 10 minutes to get ready, so this is what i ended up with. (which also explains my weird hair. unfortunately does not explain the weird expression on my face. i promise i'm not about to cry. i think the sun was in my eyes.)


last night we met up with friends at GoodSons Martini & Panini.
yeah, yeah, we went there last week too. who knows, maybe it'll become our "spot." it's close to home, has a nice patio, good drinks and cheap food. the menu is actually pretty small and simple, but i kinda like that. better to do a few things really well, than have a huge mediocre menu. plus, even though it's not exactly family-oriented, we had two babies and one toddler between us and no one acted annoyed and our waitress even offered to heat up a bottle if we needed it.

i'm actually not a big martini person, but i tried the "pineapple express" and it was pretty good, not too sweet.

mr. arganbright stuck with the usual...

miss millerlite was annoyed with agent gin&tonic because he ate all the gumbo they were supposed to share...

though his name's not actually gin&tonic, he really is an agent...
for the fbi! yeah, i thought they had to wear ear-pieces and black suits all the time, too. disappointing. but he did have a tiny machine gun in his sock.

we all had paninis, but they were devoured before any photographic evidence could be gathered.
(okay, now i'm just trying to impress agent g&t with my lingo...)
we also had dessert.
oh. man.
raspberry and mascarpone panini? yes please! next time i'm skipping dinner and heading straight for dessert.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


however, it's extremely annoying to have a closet-full of clothes that i don't fit into. i'm sooo ready to wear my old clothes. every day i leave my workout class thinking, yeah, i'm lookin good! i'm totally going to wear that skirt/dress/shorts/pants that didn't fit yesterday!

so i try on my favorite jeans and they don't even make it past my hips. and it's ridiculous because i tried them on the day before and they didn't make it past my hips then either! i'm delusional enough to think that today was The Magical Work-Out that made my body just small enough to get into those jeans. i know the day will come, but my impatience causes me to check every. day.

so, tuesday i had the big 6-wk. appointment. i figure i should probably get a shower before i went since it'd been a day or so (okay, it was saturday night). not only did i shower; i dried my hair, put make-up on, and tried to put on a decent outfit. this has become a monumental task and reason to celebrate.
tunic, tank, belt, bracelet: j.crew
leggings: f21
flats: steve madden

the non-maternity solution to my never-ending fat day? leggings!
they're as comfy as yoga pants but still considered actual clothing!
(nay-sayers, keep your rain off my parade. i'm wearing my leggings 'til the Magical Work-Out Day arrives and i'm able to wear my jeans again. deal with it.)

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


man, it's been forever since i've posted! so many times i think,
i'm going to blog this! and then...i don't.
but here are some things we've been doing:
we went to the iowa state fair...twice!
they had the cutest little farm area for kids...

piper wasn't diggin' the tractor...
we saw cute little julianne hough sing country music--for free!
okay, we only stayed for two songs; but it was fun!

we went on a mini-date to goodsons
(martinis and paninis...yum)!

can you see us?

we went to the cafe in ames with some friends.
half of them were named josh.
seth enjoying the best. burger. ever.
my breakfast/dinner combo dish: steak-egg-potato-greenbean-aioli awesomeness...

cherry almond galette with house-made sour cream ice cream!
note: fresh, local ingredients, an ever-changing menu and house-made everything = the cafe is amazing and totally worth the drive. go with friends you have lots to talk about with and you won't even notice it takes 40 minutes to get there!
we walked to panera for breakfast!
and saw lots of geese...
seems like all these "doings" revolve around food.
maybe that's why i still don't fit into my fat jeans.

Tuesday, September 01, 2009


we have this grizzly neighbor named jerry. he's probably in his late 60's, has a big ol' belly and a loud scratchy voice. he pretends to be grumpy, but he's a big softy. i was intimidated by him at first, but he and his wife have become like grandparents to us. jerry has let mr. arganbright use his riding lawn mower all summer and when we brought quinn home, he came right over (without his wife!) to hold her.
oftentimes when we come home, we find a mysterious bag full of garden vegetables waiting for us on the front step. i haven't had to buy vegetables all summer because of grizzly-bear jerry. i have to come up with ways to use tomatoes in just about every meal because he gives us so many!
last night i topped a roasted garlic baguette with a drizzle of olive oil, jerry's tomatoes, a slice of fresh mozzarella, and a bit of fresh basil. with a side of roasted pork loin and a glass of red--it was delish. (is that something rachel ray says? if so, i take it back. sorry, rach, but i refuse to use your dorky catch-phrases. no "evoo" for me. and by the way, all your 30-minute meals take me at least 45.)
the weather has been fall-like (read: perfect) and we've been enjoying a lot of meals outside at the picnic table. which works out well considering our dining room is still torn apart.
then we finish the evening with a little fire and toasted marshmallows for dessert. yum!