Friday, August 21, 2009


we've had a rough couple days.
well, the days are fine. it's the nights...
anyway. because of that, i've been wearing my pajamas for a record...
41 hours and 13 minutes. wow.
but, there's light at the end of this pajama-wearing tunnel:
i'm planning a surprise mini-date for mr. arganbright tonight and i promise to shower, dress and snap a photo for you before i leave the house. i better start getting ready now if we're gonna leave by 6:30!

piper & quinn being babysat by the wiggles.


  1. thinking of you, my friend! those first weeks are killer. i can't even imagine having another little one to chase around! enjoy your date with Mr. A!!

  2. How cute, is Piper babysitting?!


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