Saturday, August 08, 2009


i am still wearing clothes.

just haven't worn anything too remarkable or photo-worthy. it's been a mix of maternity & non-, old & new, frumpy and form-fitting.
i've found if i wear something snug it provides a little reminder to try to keep the pooch sucked in and the snacking to a minimum!
but it's hard to dress around the pooch and the boobs.
i had forgotten all of nursing's pros & cons. you can ask mr. arganbright about the pros. the biggest con for me is that dresses are no longer the most convenient thing to wear. but i still think they make any body look its best.
what doesn't make any body look its best? bermuda shorts. so why am i still wearing them? i have no idea. not only did i wear them, i decided to feature them in my first postnatal wear post....

everything on top: j.crew
shorts: old navy maternity
sandals: urban outfitters
so, this outfit is wrong for me in many ways. i love this t-shirt, love all the colors, love the sandals; but for a petite lady like myself, the proportions are bad, bad, bad. stacie & clinton would not be happy with me. i know i should not wear bermudas and i know the sweatshirt is probably way too long...
but, this is less of a fashion blog than it is a "real life" blog.
so here's me in real life. accesorized only by bleary eyes and a poochy tum. but whatevs. i'm okay with me.
and check out how skinny my ankles are!!!
i could gaze at them all day. they bring me such joy. thanks to months of swollen feet & cankles, i have a new favorite body part!
and since no one cares about me anymore, here's a bit of quinn:


  1. Hey! I'm new to your blog, and I can't get enough!!! You're hysterical. Quite honestly you say what I think 90% of the time. I had twin boys last October, so I feel your exhaustion :) I used to to really care about my clothes, but sadly have surrendered to my yoga pants that call my name every day.....seriously, it's as though they are begging me to put them on. They have become my best friend over the last 9 months. Okay, I really need to rethink this fashion choice....maybe when my boys are 5!!! In the meantime I'll vicariously (sp?) live through you :) Congrats on the new babe!

  2. Again...feeling your pain! I learned post-pregnancy with Gav NOT to wear dresses, especially when you take your newly nursing babe to a wedding. I found myself sitting in a bathroom stall with my dress up around my neck. Such good times. I hate post-pregnancy clothes almost as much as maternity clothes. I don't think it's possible for you not to look cute though!


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