Thursday, August 27, 2009


one of my daily clicks is it was introduced to me by a friend from high school (she shnooped a sweet double stroller!) and they have great deals every day.
sometimes they're a bit random (a 13-piece pet clipper kit?) but sometimes (like today!) they're awesome.

today's shnoop is a 3-pack of adiri bottles. i mentioned these on my baby wish list and i was psyched to find them on shnoop. i was just looking at them at target today where they sell a 2-pack for $22. i shnooped a 3-pack for $9.99 plus shipping!!!

last week i shnooped a valco baby jogging stroller (also mentioned on my baby wish list) for less than half price! it came yesterday and if it ever stops raining i'd love to try it out.

anyway, moms who use bottles--go to!


  1. yay! thats me! i must admit that i havent checked it faithfully because of the random item days...but youve inspired me with your awesome purchases!

  2. Oh no! I just bought that 2 pack of Adiri for $22! Dang.(Love them btw, and so does Tate). Thanks for the scoop on this site.


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