Monday, August 24, 2009

do. wear.

i was really excited about my surprise mini-date for mr. a.
we got take-out for dinner and my parents came over to stay with the girls while we went to see this...

unnnnnfortunately, a lot of other people wanted to see it too. it was sold out. so we drove to the next nearest theater. by this time we were going to miss the previews (my favorite part), but decided it was worth it. unfortunately, it was sold out there, too. by then it was too late to try another theater. i didn't have a plan B. so we were both a little disappointed. (okay, i might've cried...damn hormones.) the last time we'd seen a movie in the theater was at christmas so this was kind of a big deal. and we actually had (free) babysitters!
after driving around aimlessly, we finally decided the next best thing would be dessert, drinks, and BOOKS!
i had tiramisu, chianti, and the september issue...

mr. arganbright had cheesecake, scotch, and a dose of inspiration from this guy...

we laughed, flirted and people-watched.

we ended our night like every other night...

and plan B turned out to be perfect.
only because i promised, here's my outfit...

you can tell from my expression how excited i was about this outfit. i should've just worn a dress. have i mentioned i like dresses?

cardigan: j.crew
(had to wear this to cover my nice fully-supportive nursing bra)

tank: j.crew
jeans: old navy
(these actually have a real waist-band, no elastic! congratulate me.)

shoes: gap outlet
(these are wicked uncomfortable. there's a reason they got banished to the outlet store. remind me to never wear them again.)



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