Sunday, August 09, 2009

do. wear.

last night we went out for the first time since bringing quinn home.
my mouth has been watering all summer for margaritas, so we headed to dos rios with miss k and mr. t:

mr. t looks nice, but check out the awesome day of the dead style paper-cuts behind him:

the amateur blogger that i am, i didn't get any decent pictures of our awesome meal but here's a crummy picture of our yummy pitcher...
tip: it's way cheaper to order margs by the pitcher if you're with a group. i suppose it's way cheaper to order margs by the pitcher if you're alone, too! ha.

knowing quinn would have to eat at some point, i packed a bottle and crossed my fingers. i was prepared to whip out the boob if i had to, but i was really hoping to avoid all the judgmental glares for seving quinn margarita milk. so i was relieved when she sucked down her very first bottle like a champ!
we talked and laughed for a few hours (one hour devoted to a political rant from mr.arganbright. what? i mean love you and all your fiery political opinions, babe!) and i was headed to bed by nine!
a perfect re-entrance into social life!
i wore...

dress: old navy
tank: old navy
necklace: way old
flip flops: j.crew

aren't dresses so much better?


  1. so small group tonight the girls were discussing what we should do on an upcoming girl's night out and katie c. suggested guac and margaritas at dos rios! we were all in agreement that that sounded perfect!

  2. Quinn looks a little bean compared to everyone! Cute post :)

  3. what a fun outing! it was great to see you guys!


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