Thursday, August 27, 2009


one of my daily clicks is it was introduced to me by a friend from high school (she shnooped a sweet double stroller!) and they have great deals every day.
sometimes they're a bit random (a 13-piece pet clipper kit?) but sometimes (like today!) they're awesome.

today's shnoop is a 3-pack of adiri bottles. i mentioned these on my baby wish list and i was psyched to find them on shnoop. i was just looking at them at target today where they sell a 2-pack for $22. i shnooped a 3-pack for $9.99 plus shipping!!!

last week i shnooped a valco baby jogging stroller (also mentioned on my baby wish list) for less than half price! it came yesterday and if it ever stops raining i'd love to try it out.

anyway, moms who use bottles--go to!


today, after my class (which i'm still attending and hasn't yet killed me) i took the girls to target. i've been needing to run in there to exchange a couple things and since we were already loaded up in the car, i decided to just go straight there. sweaty, makeup-less, and in workout clothes (no, not cute ones; $5 shorts from walmart, mr. a's undershirt, and sneaks i've had since high school).
anyway, the point is: i went out in public like that and no one stared, screamed, or refused me service because i looked so heinous. as a recovering slave to self-consciousness, this was a bit of a revelation for me. i realized motherhood has helped me let go of a lot of insecurity. (unfortunately, motherhood brings a whole slew of new insecurities: is this just a phase or does it mean she's going to grow up and have bad posture and not realize she needs to wear a bra and dissect grasshoppers at recess and scare all the boys?! but i guess i'm more worried about people judging me as a mom than people judging me on how i look.)
i'm not condoning letting oneself go and ending up on What Not to Wear thinking you look really good in your paint-splattered fleece, saggy-butt yoga pants and scuffed up clogs (real episode, just saw the re-run last week)...but, i think motherhood can be good to help some of us let go just a little bit and realize that who we are is not how we look.
that's just what i've been thinking about today.
p.s. and anytime i start to forget this revelation, i just hop on over to
nienie's to get a sharp slap in the face and a strong dose of reality.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


yesterday i saw a school bus and i thought, oh yeah, it's the first day of school!
and then i thought, the first day from what?
it can't be christmas break...
it's not spring break...
easter? no....
thanksgiving? no....
was it labor day weekend?

anyway, it took me a good few minutes to figure out that it's The First Day of School. like, for the year. The First Day.
i think i might be sleep deprived.


in other news...
i have a job interview on thursday! it's for a part-time position in circulation at the library, just like my mom (but a different library)! anyway, i happened to be on their website and noticed they had a part-time position available. the cut-off date to apply was the very next day so without thinking twice, i sent in my application and got a call yesterday for an interview! i'm excited but even if they offered me the job, the hours would have to work with my schedule and i'd have to be able to find someone to watch the girls. i'm hoping it all works out!

Monday, August 24, 2009

do. wear.

i was really excited about my surprise mini-date for mr. a.
we got take-out for dinner and my parents came over to stay with the girls while we went to see this...

unnnnnfortunately, a lot of other people wanted to see it too. it was sold out. so we drove to the next nearest theater. by this time we were going to miss the previews (my favorite part), but decided it was worth it. unfortunately, it was sold out there, too. by then it was too late to try another theater. i didn't have a plan B. so we were both a little disappointed. (okay, i might've cried...damn hormones.) the last time we'd seen a movie in the theater was at christmas so this was kind of a big deal. and we actually had (free) babysitters!
after driving around aimlessly, we finally decided the next best thing would be dessert, drinks, and BOOKS!
i had tiramisu, chianti, and the september issue...

mr. arganbright had cheesecake, scotch, and a dose of inspiration from this guy...

we laughed, flirted and people-watched.

we ended our night like every other night...

and plan B turned out to be perfect.
only because i promised, here's my outfit...

you can tell from my expression how excited i was about this outfit. i should've just worn a dress. have i mentioned i like dresses?

cardigan: j.crew
(had to wear this to cover my nice fully-supportive nursing bra)

tank: j.crew
jeans: old navy
(these actually have a real waist-band, no elastic! congratulate me.)

shoes: gap outlet
(these are wicked uncomfortable. there's a reason they got banished to the outlet store. remind me to never wear them again.)


Saturday, August 22, 2009


edit: to answer a couple questions, the class i'm doing is actually through cap city fitness. today was my first day and i didn't die! it was actually great. it was only $50 for the whole 10 weeks and they have childcare for $1 a day! awesome and totally affordable.
and yes, i am totally rocking the leg-warmers. so glad they're back.

they're back, right?

monday morning at 8:30 a.m. i'm starting a work-out class.
6 days a week for 10 weeks!
i'm scared.

Friday, August 21, 2009


we've had a rough couple days.
well, the days are fine. it's the nights...
anyway. because of that, i've been wearing my pajamas for a record...
41 hours and 13 minutes. wow.
but, there's light at the end of this pajama-wearing tunnel:
i'm planning a surprise mini-date for mr. arganbright tonight and i promise to shower, dress and snap a photo for you before i leave the house. i better start getting ready now if we're gonna leave by 6:30!

piper & quinn being babysat by the wiggles.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

do. see.

lately, mr. arganbright have started a new nightly routine...

before we settle in for another sleepless night, we cozy up with some late night snacks (his salty, mine sweet, then switch) and watch an episode or two of 30 rock.
no matter how hard the day has been, there's no better way to end it than laughing out loud with the one you love....while eating pretzels and chocolate chips.

Monday, August 17, 2009


not trying to make this my personal family photo album,
but here are a few more of my favorite pics...

Saturday, August 15, 2009


i think i'll let my current literary choices do the talking.

Friday, August 14, 2009


i enjoy a nice pedicure as much as the next girl.
but what i really love are bare feet...

dirty toes. no nail polish. pure summer.

you're probably all thinking i should just get a pedicure on these ganky feet. a massage, too? and what? a shopping spree?! now that's just taking it a little too far.

Thursday, August 13, 2009


a few more faves...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


last weekend a good friend of ours came to take a few pictures of our family. here's a sneak peek:

i can't wait to see the rest.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

do. wear.

last night we went out for the first time since bringing quinn home.
my mouth has been watering all summer for margaritas, so we headed to dos rios with miss k and mr. t:

mr. t looks nice, but check out the awesome day of the dead style paper-cuts behind him:

the amateur blogger that i am, i didn't get any decent pictures of our awesome meal but here's a crummy picture of our yummy pitcher...
tip: it's way cheaper to order margs by the pitcher if you're with a group. i suppose it's way cheaper to order margs by the pitcher if you're alone, too! ha.

knowing quinn would have to eat at some point, i packed a bottle and crossed my fingers. i was prepared to whip out the boob if i had to, but i was really hoping to avoid all the judgmental glares for seving quinn margarita milk. so i was relieved when she sucked down her very first bottle like a champ!
we talked and laughed for a few hours (one hour devoted to a political rant from mr.arganbright. what? i mean love you and all your fiery political opinions, babe!) and i was headed to bed by nine!
a perfect re-entrance into social life!
i wore...

dress: old navy
tank: old navy
necklace: way old
flip flops: j.crew

aren't dresses so much better?

Saturday, August 08, 2009


i am still wearing clothes.

just haven't worn anything too remarkable or photo-worthy. it's been a mix of maternity & non-, old & new, frumpy and form-fitting.
i've found if i wear something snug it provides a little reminder to try to keep the pooch sucked in and the snacking to a minimum!
but it's hard to dress around the pooch and the boobs.
i had forgotten all of nursing's pros & cons. you can ask mr. arganbright about the pros. the biggest con for me is that dresses are no longer the most convenient thing to wear. but i still think they make any body look its best.
what doesn't make any body look its best? bermuda shorts. so why am i still wearing them? i have no idea. not only did i wear them, i decided to feature them in my first postnatal wear post....

everything on top: j.crew
shorts: old navy maternity
sandals: urban outfitters
so, this outfit is wrong for me in many ways. i love this t-shirt, love all the colors, love the sandals; but for a petite lady like myself, the proportions are bad, bad, bad. stacie & clinton would not be happy with me. i know i should not wear bermudas and i know the sweatshirt is probably way too long...
but, this is less of a fashion blog than it is a "real life" blog.
so here's me in real life. accesorized only by bleary eyes and a poochy tum. but whatevs. i'm okay with me.
and check out how skinny my ankles are!!!
i could gaze at them all day. they bring me such joy. thanks to months of swollen feet & cankles, i have a new favorite body part!
and since no one cares about me anymore, here's a bit of quinn:

Tuesday, August 04, 2009


hey. it's been a while, huh? i'm now the mother of two children. that's right two. i still have moments where i'm like, "two? really? wow. yeah." this pregnancy (along with everything else these days) revolved around piper. even though there was beautiful quinn growing inside; on the outside, life was all about little p. because of that, it's almost been shocking that quinn is really here. that my pregnancy is over and now i have a baby. and a toddler. yep, two.
the transition for our family has been...good, i guess. i didn't have very high expectations. figured it'd mostly just be hard. so, it's been fine. not better or worse than i expected. maybe a little better? i don't know. i'm too tired to decide how i feel.
piper loves quinn and loves being a big sister. i wondered if she would resent any attention i paid to quinn and so i've been intentionally commenting on how awesome it is to be a big girl (ice cream, singing songs, pacifiers, etc.). piper has actually been really protective of quinn and doesn't really like anyone else to look at her or hold her other than me.
"that my sister!"
"don't look at my sister!"
"you no hold my sister!"
"mommy hold her!"
i'm sure we could discuss the deeper psychological meaning there, but i don't care to. i'll just pretend she loves and adores her sister so much that she wants only the best for her (me, of course).
quinn, is doing well. she had low blood sugar and body temp. when she was born but that worked itself out in the hospital. she also was/is a bit jaundiced so i've had to take her to the doctor every day to have her billirubin checked. this has been inconvenient and annoying. they have to prick her foot and then squeeze out a vial-full of blood. well, her foot is like the size of a nutterbutter and there's not a whole lot of blood in there. so it takes for.e.ver. she screams. piper wails ("my baby, don't hurt my baby!"), and i cry. today i finally had the brilliant idea to let her suck on my finger, which helped. and thankfully, they called today to say her billi is down so we don't have to bring her in until her two-week check.
i'm fairly exhausted about mid-day and that's about when my nether-regions start to ache. so i fight the guilt and bribe piper into laying in bed with me to watch the wiggles while i doze for a bit. i feel bad because she deserves to play outside or go to the park or on a walk--but i just can't do it yet. i know i shouldn't feel guilty, but i do. the weather is nice and soon enough the weather will suck and we won't be able to go outside at all and we'll be watching plenty of the wiggles.
now i'm just rambling. i think this post is more for me than you. a "dear diary" post. sorry. i wanted to give you a little update and this is just where i am right now: rambling, non-linear, foggy-headed, with a side of weepy. my goodness, am i weepy! lately i've cried because....piper and her cousin got the bathtub dirty (by taking a bath?), while watching high school musical 3, when too many people came to visit at once, when all those people left, thinking about jon & kate getting divorced, listening to piper sing "the wheels on the bus", listening to mr. arganbright read to piper, when piper pulled her cousin's hair, and for countless other minor reasons.
did i mention i'm taking tylenol with codein?