Friday, July 17, 2009


mad for mr. arganbright's plaid.

it started on tuesday:
i felt exhausted all morning & when it was time to leave the house, all i wanted were my yoga pants(!!!) but i resisted temptation (knowing i'd have to confess to you), so i threw on the next best thing: husband clothes. unfortunately pants & shoes had to be added, but it was still nice to cozy up in one of mr. arganbright's (not-so-big-anymore) plaid shirts.

aeropostale! (don't judge.)
tank: j.crew
pants: motherhood
flip flops: gap via plato's closet

and continued today:

sunners: rayban
plaid: j.crew
tank: gap
belt: j.crew
shorts: old navy
sandals: urban outfitters

on another note:
today i had a dr.'s appointment and she said i'm dilated to two! progress! now anytime i feel like lazing around, i'll just think, "hey, you're not lazing, you're dilating!"


  1. Triple love the bottom outfit!!!

  2. Love, love, love :) the bottom one is also my favorite! I've been crazy for plaid as well, I have to stop myself from buying them at J.Crew since they're on sale!


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