Monday, July 13, 2009


lately i've been better about taking outfit pics than actually posting outfit pics. i know my blogging categories aren't always equally represented, but it seems like it'd get really imbalanced if i did a wear post every day or two. (if i was more blog-savvy, i'd have a little "wear" link on my sidebar like her or her. but i have no idea how to do stuff like that.)
anyway, now these outfit pics are just collecting dust in a folder on my computer. here are a few you haven't seen...

dress: heritage
belt: j.crew
flip flops: j.crew

with the big belly, this ended up being a liiiiiittle short for church. so i took off the belt & added a pink cardigan instead.

top: j.crew
tank-top: j.crew
shorts: old navy
shoes: target
bangles: f21 and plato's
necklace: express
i thought this outfit looked okay in the mirror, but it seems a little weird in the picture. after a few hours, it got hot and my feet swelled like...i don't know, something that swells a lot. so i just wore the tank-top and switched into flip-flops.

dress: old navy maternity
tank: liz lange maternity
sandals: urban outfitters

necklace: patina
this is an old one. from around mother's day, i think. but i've worn that dress a lot the past few months.

dress: tj maxx
necklace: von maur
sandals: tj maxx

this is what i wore to the baby shower on saturday. (more on that later!) i promise i was not trying to look sultry. ha! i think i was more worried about holding my arms away from my body in some nonchalant way to make them look thinner. i guess my secret's out.

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