Monday, July 06, 2009


i didn't take an outfit pic today.
but, i have an outfit from last week that i forgot to post.
and best of all, it includes the walmart jacket!

jacket: walmart
tank: mr. arganbright's
shorts: old navy maternity
sandals: target
necklace: forever 21

i honestly don't set out to wear the walmart jacket every day. it just sort of...happens. i think it's because i'm a layerer at heart and feel undone without that extra piece. the walmart jacket is the perfect summer layer because it's lightweight and (obviously) goes with everything!
plus, it hides any unsightly armpit fat.*

*yes, pregnancy can make even your armpits fat. i like to pretend it's just bonus boob.


  1. Hilarious...bonus boob. I am predicitng that a year from now you are going to look at these pics and want to burn that jacket.

    Cute toes, B!!

    oooh, my verification word is "slogisoc" It sounds like a Harry Potter character!

  2. I loooooooove those sandals!

  3. extra boob! i love it!
    love the orange toes!


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