Friday, July 03, 2009


just to clear up any confusion--baby A didn't come today.
i worked and napped and this is what i wore:

headband: target
earrings: forever 21
jacket: well, you know.
dress: tj maxx
sandals: j.crew

warning: there are probably more contraction-filled, middle-of-the-night blog posts to come. i had a lot of painful contractions with piper, so it's not too surprising. i wasn't sure if they were braxton hicks because i'd heard that braxton hicks aren't supposed to hurt. these hurt like braxton heck, but my doctor said they affect everyone differently. she also said if i was in actual labor, it'd be fine at this point. so no worries!

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  1. Cute! Can't wait for this little babe to come! should post some baby gift ideas. :)


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