Wednesday, July 15, 2009


just hours after feeling so thankful...

we woke up to a crazy storm. it sounded like someone was hurling shoes at our roof. mr. arganbright & i were pretty disoriented, looking out the windows to see what it was. it was so loud. i've never heard anything like it before. eventually the noise stopped and wild rain & lightning continued for a while.
i finally dozed off and had this crazy dream we were at a hotel and they kept moving us from room to room because they were running out of space and eventually they said we had to stay in the storage closet. like a cross between the christmas story and "best in show". i was really mad and mr. arganbright was trying to convince me it wasn't so bad. but it was so hot.
that's when i woke up and realized it was stifling in our room. the electricity was out. so i laid in bed for a couple hours (or was it more?), tossing & turning, drifting in & out of weird dreams that all had something to do with heat and being really hot. i considered taking a shower just to cool off. it was miserable. eventually the electricity came back on and we got a few more restless hours of sleep. this morning we woke up and discovered what lime-sized hail can do to garage-less cars.
i'm still really thankful for my husband, my daughter, and yes, even the weather. but i gotta admit, i'm feeling a little discouraged.
update: we took our cars to get appraised this morning and immediately received checks from our insurance company to get them fixed. now i'm hoping we can find someone to do the body work for a really good price so that we may even end up ahead from all of this!
when i got in my car to leave the appraisal, the perfect song was playing...
singin' don't worry about a thing,
cause every little thing is gonna be alright...
i smiled, sang along, and i really believe it.


  1. Is anyone else thinking that only Bethany would think the sound was SHOES being hurled at her house???


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