Thursday, July 09, 2009


the poor receptionist.

this morning i woke up and for some reason, my first thought was,
i haven't felt the baby move!
and then i started thinking back to yesterday and in my just-woke-up, not-good-anyway, even-worse-since-i'm-pregnant memory; i couldn't remember her moving yesterday either.
so i went to the kitchen to drink some cold water which always makes her jumpy.
i took one sip. nothing.
a few more. nothing.
i had already decided something was wrong.
so when she didn't move immediately, it confirmed my suspicions and gave me permission to start freaking out.
and i made the call.

i was already fighting back tears so as soon as the receptionist says,"hello" i blubber into some crazy monologue about how "mybabyisn'tmovingandiknowi'moverreactingbutmyfriendlostherbabybecausethecordwasaroundherneckandweweredueatthesametimeandatmyultrasoundthecordwasaroundourbaby'sneckbutthetechniciansaiditcansliponandoffbutmyfriendsaidalotofpeoplelosetheirbabiesevenreallylateintopregnancyandijustdrankcoldwaterandshe'sstillnotmovingandidon'tthinkshe'smovedmuchthepastcoupledayssoi'mjust-"
"okay, now, what is your name?"
"okay, stephanie. we'll have a look at your chart and one of the nurses will call you back."

i cried some more and ate a bowl of cheerios.
and she moved.
and moved again.

and i hope they call stephanie back instead of me.


  1. How terrible! I can't even imagine, but I'm glad everything is okay :)


  2. Awww...I want to hug you!! How very scary!! I am so thankful everything is okay!!!

  3. ok-now i feel really guilty cause joey and manda are full of sympathy and i'm laughing so hard that tears are running down my face!!


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