Friday, July 10, 2009


which item in my fridge do you think most screams...
"a pregnant woman lives here!"

i'll post my answer tomorrow.


  1. i'm going to say cottage cheese???

  2. Toothpicks? Lol! Why do you have toothpicks in your fridge??

    I'll go with Katie's answer...cottage cheese!

  3. toothpicks...what the heck? i'd go with that first, then the what looks like WHOLE CHOCOLATE MILK on the right...if it isn't chocolate milk than i would go with pile of shells on the bottom left.

  4. haha, don't worry, mer. though i'd LOVE to drink whole chocolate milk (or whole plain milk for that matter) the whole milk is for seth & piper. (and it's not chocolate:) mine's the 2% on the left. sadly, i know i'll be switching back to skim after this baby's born.


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