Friday, July 03, 2009


this afternoon i went to put piper in the bath and found 3 or 4 funny little, blackish-brown things. i assumed they were just little bugs who had tried to make a home in our plumbing and sadly drowned when i ran piper's bath. so, i grabbed a paper towel and tried to scoop them up before the water got too deep. well, they didn't scoop. they smushed.
i took them out to show mr. arganbright, dreading to hear what i knew he would say:
those are mouse droppings.
ugh. all this time, with all the random bugs that our dear old house brings; i've often thought:
at least we don't have mice!
well, that's what i get for my glasshalffullitsnotsobadlookonthebrightside optimism.
needless to say i was annoyed and freaked out a bit. plus, why the tub?! weird. i've shared 3 homes with mice and it's impossible to feel at ease until they are deaddeaddead.

anyway, around 1:00 a.m. i woke up with contractions. i needed to pee so i did. and i thought about the mouse. then i laid down again. a half an hour later i got up because my contractions were getting worse so i went out to the living room to read. i heard this funny noise, but then piper cried out so i figured she was just moving around in her sleep. i had to pee again. and i thought about the mouse again. this time i turned on the bathroom light juuuuust in case. i checked in the tub, and
there he was.
kind of cute, actually. like stuart little. so i woke up mr. arganbright and he spent a few minutes sleepily banging around with a pot & lid (remind me to wash that...) until he caught the little bugger. meanwhile, piper woke up to all the banging around so she was calling out for us and it was complete, sitcom-worthy, middle-of-the-night chaos. i half-expected my water to break just to add to the plotline. (can't you just picture the entire Tanner family waking up one by one to catch this mouse and then Aunt Becky goes into labor?)

we all went back to bed. i read & dozed for a while but i was waking so often for contractions (no i'm not timing them), that i gave up on sleep & i'm just sort of...hanging out. at 4:39 a.m.

and no, this is not a dream.

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  1. Thanks for always keeping me laughing! Love the Full House reference


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