Sunday, July 26, 2009


i think "nesting" is too mild a word to describe what i've been experiencing the past few days. i feel more like a tasmanian devil than a little robin. except, a cleaning/remodeling/organizing tasmanian devil. yesterday i had this unstoppable urge to sort, sort, sort. clean, clean, clean. purge, purge, purge. i was throwing stuff away left & right, folding and re-folding onesies, i even organized mr. arganbright's shirts in his closet. what? yeah. i have no idea. like this baby cares if her daddy's t-shirts are mixed in with his button-downs. whatever. it made me happy. but, here are some of the fruits of our labor. (yes, i say our because mr. arganbright was also forced to spend his saturday fulfilling any tasmanian nesting whims that i had.)

the main projects we've been working on were creating a little nugget nook in our bedroom for baby a. eventually, she & piper will probably share a room. but until she's sleeping through the night--she's with us. our room is relatively small, but the best space we had was my built-in "closet." in order to utilize that space for the baby, we had to find somewhere for all my clothes to go. remember my shoe closet i was so proud of? well, i figured we could slap up some paint, hang some shelves and make a half-decent home for my clothes. mr. arganbright (with all his talent, inspiration, and deep understanding for my nominal interest in clothing) turned
this doomy gloomy space...

into my mini dream closet!
i'm in love! (with mr. arganbright first, my closet second.)

every time i open the door it's like entering a little boutique in my own house. i really wanted to fit everything in here, so it forced me to do a bit of editing (which is always a good thing), and now it's just right! it's girly and organized--i love it.

once we moved all my clothes out of our room, we were able to get started on the nugget nook. this was mostly my little project, but mr. arganbright helped me take the doors off and built the little guardrail to keep baby a safe and DHS off our backs.

the previous owners had a thing for shelf liners (literally every drawer and shelf in the entire house is covered in heinous floral paper), so i spent a few hours and an entire bottle of goo-gone getting it cleaned off. with a little paint my sister had left-over, the cute garlands from my baby shower, and a few other touches--it's the perfect little nook for our nugget.
pre-guard rail:

post-guard rail:

i hung this sweet little sweater that someone made for piper, but it still felt a little bare...
so i put baby a's ultrasound picture and baby shower invitation in some extra frames i had.

just the essentials: blankie, diapers, wipes, and burp rags.
it's amazing the sense of calm i felt last night after getting everything in place. even though this is round two and logically i know everything doesn't have to be perfect for the baby; there's just some innate, illogical, unavoidable drive to have everything just so when you bring home a new, pure, perfect little being. (theological disclaimer: i know this isn't quite accurate, but you know what i mean.)
i feel so ready to finally meet baby a. to love her and hold her and provide for her and protect her.
and...okay, i'm also ready for my feet to not look like shrek's.


  1. YAY! I have missed you!!

    Everything looks perfect! Fantastic job to you and Mr. A!! And I can't wait to meet this bebe!!

    You should name her after my word verification....Danda. Nice, huh??

  2. i only have one word for this post...AMAZING! Love the closet, love the nugget nook, love it all! & i'm so glad you found a use for the garland! :)

  3. love, love, love your closet! i need to know where you got your little scarf is making have some dreams of my own about our closet in the bathroom....hmmm...

    amazing lil' nook for baby!! seriously. amazing!


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