Tuesday, July 21, 2009


sorry i haven't been around much the past few days. i've been keeping busy preparing for baby a. i have so much to post but i feel like there's so much more to get done. and i just feel so exhausted lately. physically, mentally, and emotionally. my mind is constantly filled with to-do lists. want-to-do lists. need-to-do-lists. i'm torn between wanting the babe to just come and wanting to have everything "ready". i know it'll all get done eventually. it's just a little overwhelming to think that she could come at any time. i just need to relax. and fill out my hospital registration.
and pack a bag or two.
and vaccum.
and do the dishes.
and go to work tomorrow.
and get the bulletin done.
and buy stamps.
and go see the chiropractor.
and get a 'big sister' gift for piper.
and get our car from the shop.
and mail thank-you notes.
and buy toilet paper.
and e-mail elizabeth back.
and pay midamerican.
and call our insurance guy.
and get the oil changed.
and paint the baby's 'room'.
and take stuff to goodwill.
and get goo-gone to scrape that shelf paper.
let's go back to number one:
i just need to relax.


  1. as im up for a middle of the night.feeding i hear ya on the list of to dos! its harder with a toddler in tow all the time too dont ya think! how much longer till your due date?

  2. sounds like piper needs to spend some time with cousin Bennett! tomorrow afternoon and monday all day are good!


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