Tuesday, July 14, 2009


we took piper to a (very) small county fair.

she got to play games...

and win a hideously large dora the explorer prize.

she rode the train all by herself.
i don't mean without us; i mean, literally, there were no other kids on it.

she ate cheesecake on a stick

and saw lots of animals.

it was terribly muggy and i was swelling all over. but it's funny--even though i was borderline miserable, everything is fun when your child is seeing/doing/experiencing something for the first time!


was the baby shower! the wonderful hostesses made it fun, laid-back, and really special with lots of little creative touches.
the decorations were adorable and everything coordinated with the invitations...

including these stickers that piper & i got to wear.
the food was so yummy...

piper couldn't keep her hands off it.

the games were fun and not too humiliating.

we got some great gifts...

and, as promised, piper got to help open them all.
thanks so much to miss k & sarah b.
i'm so glad they wouldn't take no for an answer!


  1. Aw man! I am still so bummed I missed it!!! It looked super fun!


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