Monday, July 06, 2009


our 4th of july was a bit crummy here in central iowa; cloudy, drizzly, 70's. but, later in the day it cleared up a bit and we drove out to the "country" to spend the evening with friends. there were lots of kids roaming wild, a huge spread of food, and good entertainment: watching all the men transform into little boys as soon as the fireworks were brought out.

piper's first s'more:

and our first s'more...of the evening:

piper got a little scared of the "boom-boom noise" so mr. arganbright comforted her with...
a roman candle?

a man-boy pretending to smoke a firework:

and after countless attempts, this was the best shot of a firework i could get:


  1. Yay! Piper looks ADORABLE in that dress!!!

    S'mores you use 1/4 or 1/2 of the chocolate bar per s'more??

  2. it's more about the marshmallow than the chocolate for me. TWO slightly burnt marshmallows but just two little squares of chocolate. not a huge hershey's fan. maybe if we used better chocolate i'd use more of it. i've heard of (but never tried) using a reese's cup for the chocolate part. could be dangerous.

  3. fireworks are the hardest to almost need a tripod & an open shutter for the entire "firework" from start to finish.

    also, it looks like a great picture of the galaxy...can you tell we have been watching too much star wars at our house?

    i can not get over the cuteness of piper!!


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