Thursday, July 02, 2009


piper got her first real "cair-hut" this week!
i already miss the sweet, curly inches we chopped off,
but the dreadlocks were coming back so it had to be done.

at first she was a little apprehensive...

but she got to sit on what's left of my lap...

and i promised a special treat...

so she sat very still...

and did an awesome job!

i'm not totally sold on the bangs. my hairdresser actually advised against them, but everyone else had suggested them; so we gave it a shot. we'll probably let them grow out, but
at least the straggly strands are out of her face.
if we push them to the side, they pass for a cute little fringe.

and she still has her curls, they're just a little shorter.


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