Friday, July 31, 2009


yesterday quinn came back from the nursery with this little bow.

love it.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009





Tuesday, July 28, 2009


and one final thing accomplished...

quinn margaret arganbright
was born this morning at 4:52 a.m.
she weighs 6 lbs. 14 oz.
and is 18 3/4 inches.

Monday, July 27, 2009


another thing accomplished...

remember these little owls from my baby shower?
miss k sent me a file of the graphics and i printed them onto iron-on paper. now my girls have super-cute, one-of-a-kind big sis/lil sis shirts!
does it seem like half my posts involve something awesome from miss k? i'm so lucky to have such a talented, creative, and generous friend! i gotta think of something besides organic milk that i can offer in return! ha.

Sunday, July 26, 2009


oh! and we also finally finished the wall collage in our bedroom!
a cute little print in a $1 goodwill frame...

a little painting of the town we lived in in colorado...

one of my favorite pictures of piper...

and another favorite: max ehrmann's desiderata that miss k made for me...

i love looking at this wall now.
it's full of love, inspiration, reminders, and encouragement. all of which we need on a daily basis.


i think "nesting" is too mild a word to describe what i've been experiencing the past few days. i feel more like a tasmanian devil than a little robin. except, a cleaning/remodeling/organizing tasmanian devil. yesterday i had this unstoppable urge to sort, sort, sort. clean, clean, clean. purge, purge, purge. i was throwing stuff away left & right, folding and re-folding onesies, i even organized mr. arganbright's shirts in his closet. what? yeah. i have no idea. like this baby cares if her daddy's t-shirts are mixed in with his button-downs. whatever. it made me happy. but, here are some of the fruits of our labor. (yes, i say our because mr. arganbright was also forced to spend his saturday fulfilling any tasmanian nesting whims that i had.)

the main projects we've been working on were creating a little nugget nook in our bedroom for baby a. eventually, she & piper will probably share a room. but until she's sleeping through the night--she's with us. our room is relatively small, but the best space we had was my built-in "closet." in order to utilize that space for the baby, we had to find somewhere for all my clothes to go. remember my shoe closet i was so proud of? well, i figured we could slap up some paint, hang some shelves and make a half-decent home for my clothes. mr. arganbright (with all his talent, inspiration, and deep understanding for my nominal interest in clothing) turned
this doomy gloomy space...

into my mini dream closet!
i'm in love! (with mr. arganbright first, my closet second.)

every time i open the door it's like entering a little boutique in my own house. i really wanted to fit everything in here, so it forced me to do a bit of editing (which is always a good thing), and now it's just right! it's girly and organized--i love it.

once we moved all my clothes out of our room, we were able to get started on the nugget nook. this was mostly my little project, but mr. arganbright helped me take the doors off and built the little guardrail to keep baby a safe and DHS off our backs.

the previous owners had a thing for shelf liners (literally every drawer and shelf in the entire house is covered in heinous floral paper), so i spent a few hours and an entire bottle of goo-gone getting it cleaned off. with a little paint my sister had left-over, the cute garlands from my baby shower, and a few other touches--it's the perfect little nook for our nugget.
pre-guard rail:

post-guard rail:

i hung this sweet little sweater that someone made for piper, but it still felt a little bare...
so i put baby a's ultrasound picture and baby shower invitation in some extra frames i had.

just the essentials: blankie, diapers, wipes, and burp rags.
it's amazing the sense of calm i felt last night after getting everything in place. even though this is round two and logically i know everything doesn't have to be perfect for the baby; there's just some innate, illogical, unavoidable drive to have everything just so when you bring home a new, pure, perfect little being. (theological disclaimer: i know this isn't quite accurate, but you know what i mean.)
i feel so ready to finally meet baby a. to love her and hold her and provide for her and protect her.
and...okay, i'm also ready for my feet to not look like shrek's.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


this tunic/dress-thing was one of my favorites when i was pregnant with piper...

i recently discovered it in the deep dark corner of our closet. it probably fell off the hanger like, seven months ago. i'm going to wear it every day until i have this baby to make up for lost time. maybe with my walmart jacket.
tunic: forever21
tank: gap maternity
leggings: ann taylor loft
(joseph's mom bought them for me when i first found out i was pregnant!)
flip-flops: j.crew

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


sorry i haven't been around much the past few days. i've been keeping busy preparing for baby a. i have so much to post but i feel like there's so much more to get done. and i just feel so exhausted lately. physically, mentally, and emotionally. my mind is constantly filled with to-do lists. want-to-do lists. need-to-do-lists. i'm torn between wanting the babe to just come and wanting to have everything "ready". i know it'll all get done eventually. it's just a little overwhelming to think that she could come at any time. i just need to relax. and fill out my hospital registration.
and pack a bag or two.
and vaccum.
and do the dishes.
and go to work tomorrow.
and get the bulletin done.
and buy stamps.
and go see the chiropractor.
and get a 'big sister' gift for piper.
and get our car from the shop.
and mail thank-you notes.
and buy toilet paper.
and e-mail elizabeth back.
and pay midamerican.
and call our insurance guy.
and get the oil changed.
and paint the baby's 'room'.
and take stuff to goodwill.
and get goo-gone to scrape that shelf paper.
let's go back to number one:
i just need to relax.

Friday, July 17, 2009


mad for mr. arganbright's plaid.

it started on tuesday:
i felt exhausted all morning & when it was time to leave the house, all i wanted were my yoga pants(!!!) but i resisted temptation (knowing i'd have to confess to you), so i threw on the next best thing: husband clothes. unfortunately pants & shoes had to be added, but it was still nice to cozy up in one of mr. arganbright's (not-so-big-anymore) plaid shirts.

aeropostale! (don't judge.)
tank: j.crew
pants: motherhood
flip flops: gap via plato's closet

and continued today:

sunners: rayban
plaid: j.crew
tank: gap
belt: j.crew
shorts: old navy
sandals: urban outfitters

on another note:
today i had a dr.'s appointment and she said i'm dilated to two! progress! now anytime i feel like lazing around, i'll just think, "hey, you're not lazing, you're dilating!"


have i mentioned my love for
they have all kinds of baby stuff (not just diapers), and if you order before 6 pm, there's a good chance you'll get your order the very next day!
what? yes. the next day. for free.
what? yes. free overnight shipping if you spend $50 or more.
yesterday morning i ordered some newborn diapers (so tiny! can't wait to see that little bum!) and some stuff i'll need for milking. i just looked at the tracking and a mere 24 hours later it's in des moines, out for delivery! i got $2 off the diapers, free shipping and another 10% off.
crazy. why don't you just pay me to shop.

am i overreacting about the greatness of this website? if i am, it's because i've already been up for 3 hours and i've had too much coffee. yes, i'm pregnant and i still drink coffee. i've also highlighted my hair at least once a trimester, been spray-painting everything within reach, and have enjoyed the occasional glass of wine. oh, and when i take vitamins, they're gummy vitamins.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


just hours after feeling so thankful...

we woke up to a crazy storm. it sounded like someone was hurling shoes at our roof. mr. arganbright & i were pretty disoriented, looking out the windows to see what it was. it was so loud. i've never heard anything like it before. eventually the noise stopped and wild rain & lightning continued for a while.
i finally dozed off and had this crazy dream we were at a hotel and they kept moving us from room to room because they were running out of space and eventually they said we had to stay in the storage closet. like a cross between the christmas story and "best in show". i was really mad and mr. arganbright was trying to convince me it wasn't so bad. but it was so hot.
that's when i woke up and realized it was stifling in our room. the electricity was out. so i laid in bed for a couple hours (or was it more?), tossing & turning, drifting in & out of weird dreams that all had something to do with heat and being really hot. i considered taking a shower just to cool off. it was miserable. eventually the electricity came back on and we got a few more restless hours of sleep. this morning we woke up and discovered what lime-sized hail can do to garage-less cars.
i'm still really thankful for my husband, my daughter, and yes, even the weather. but i gotta admit, i'm feeling a little discouraged.
update: we took our cars to get appraised this morning and immediately received checks from our insurance company to get them fixed. now i'm hoping we can find someone to do the body work for a really good price so that we may even end up ahead from all of this!
when i got in my car to leave the appraisal, the perfect song was playing...
singin' don't worry about a thing,
cause every little thing is gonna be alright...
i smiled, sang along, and i really believe it.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


right now i'm thinking thankful thoughts...

for mr. arganbright:
he works hard at work, he works hard after work, and he works hard at home. right now he's juggling three small side-projects and a mini remodel at our house. and he still finds time to do volunteer projects, read piper stories, and make me feel pretty.
for piper: i don't want to jinx anything, but this past week piper has changed so much--for the better! she has been much more obedient, responsive, and sweet. today she put her blankie on my belly for "baby sister" to snuggle with. even if this is just another 'phase', i'm so thankful to feel good, not discouraged, about how the day went.
for this summer: i was really dreading being pregnant in the summer, but we've been so blessed with amazing weather. we have really only had a few ridiculously hot days. (when you guys were here, jo&joe!) other than that, this summer has been glorious--just the right amount of heat, some great thunderstorms, and not too much humidity.

i know i have a lot of other things to be thankful for, these are just a few i'm extra happy about right now.
what are you thankful for today?


we took piper to a (very) small county fair.

she got to play games...

and win a hideously large dora the explorer prize.

she rode the train all by herself.
i don't mean without us; i mean, literally, there were no other kids on it.

she ate cheesecake on a stick

and saw lots of animals.

it was terribly muggy and i was swelling all over. but it's funny--even though i was borderline miserable, everything is fun when your child is seeing/doing/experiencing something for the first time!


was the baby shower! the wonderful hostesses made it fun, laid-back, and really special with lots of little creative touches.
the decorations were adorable and everything coordinated with the invitations...

including these stickers that piper & i got to wear.
the food was so yummy...

piper couldn't keep her hands off it.

the games were fun and not too humiliating.

we got some great gifts...

and, as promised, piper got to help open them all.
thanks so much to miss k & sarah b.
i'm so glad they wouldn't take no for an answer!