Thursday, June 25, 2009


i didn't actually get dressed til about 3 p.m. today.
this was the first day in a while that we haven't had anything to do, so i took advantage of it and bummed around in pajamas all day. when i finally did shower & dress, i was tempted to put on my beloved yoga pants, but my promise echoed through my mind (like a curse!), and my guilt forced me to scavenge my closet. i ended up a little matchy, but i'm over it. gotta work with what i got.

tank: j.crew
shorts: old navy maternity
(after i saw the picture, i chopped an inch off the shorts. bermudas were not meant for short people!)
flip flops: j.crew
earrings: forever21 (?)

the blur above is piper.
she wanted to be included in today's wear post.
this is what she picked out to wear....seriously.

hippo shirt: old navy
headband worn as belt: target


  1. super cuteness! i love the toes shot with the bandaid or benny as we call them over here.

    i agree about bermuda's--the curse on the short people!!

    oh, and love, love, love the earrings!

  2. Your hair is so cute!

    I LOVE that Piper picked out her outfit and is truly thinking "fashion forward" with her headband inspired belt ;)


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