Friday, June 19, 2009


whew! summer has come to iowa.
definitely limits what i'm willing to wear (or sweat through).
but i feel like i'm wearing the same things over & over.
i'm sure that's not entirely fact, yesterday i wore something you haven't seen but in my sweaty haze, forgot to take a picture. sorry.
nonetheless, this is what i wore to work; promptly removing the cardigan as soon as i left.

cardigan: j.crew
dress: tj maxx
tank: liz lange for target
bangles: forever21
flipflops: j.crew

wait, now that i think about...i totally posted practically the same outfit here! see, i do wear the same thing all the time!
i'm going to try to revert back to my juice experience and force myself to take pictures every day so you get a realistic look at my daily wearings. (not just when i deem it "blogworthy.")

confession: i recently dug up these yoga* pants that i bought when i was pregnant with piper. oh my goodness. they are soooo comfortable. i would like to wear them every day. last saturday i actually wore them out of the hosue. like, that was my outfit for the day. now i see how women end up on what not to wear with a wardrobe full of sweats, complaining how uncomfortable jeans are. i must regain control. no more yoga pants out of the house unless i'm jogging. sooo, basically never.
*pants have never been used for actual yoga.


  1. Yoga pants for yoga = highly overrated. I tried it once and didn't like it.

  2. i laughed out loud at the last sentance. i also confess to wearing sweats out of the house a couple times when the weather was still cool and i hated the thought of my maternity jeans. but thankfully with warm weather, comes cute comfy shorts and skirts!


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