Tuesday, June 02, 2009


i've been a little blog-lazy lately.
there are actually quite a few posts rolling around in my brain.
mostly updates on things i've posted about before....
i think the oldest would be our baby news.
remember how they said i had "marginal placenta previa"? well, tomorrow we have our ultrasound to find out whether the placenta has moved. for the past few weeks i've been excited about having another ultrasound, but a few days ago i realized the ultrasound could bring some not-so-exciting news. i'm not scared or worried, just a little nervous. i kind of get butterflies when i think about it. i'll let you know tomorrow what we find out.
then there's the collage wall.
remember that? my friend miss k made us this awesome poster and i bought those things from urban outfitters?
well, this is as far as we've gotten:

since the weather's been so nice, mr.arganbright has been pretty busy with little projects outside, (which i'll post about later...i know, i know, but i really will!) so by the end of the day, i know he's not exactly chompin' at the bit to help me hang pictures.
any volunteers?
and remember these?

well, i took all your votes into consideration and i chose....none.
not because i don't like them. but because i should never do DIY projects on a whim or without mr. arganbright. they're all hung nice and straight, but i hung them too high for piper to even see! argh. i'm a dork. soooo, i'm trying to decide whether to rip them off and start over or rip them off and not start over.
and remember my skin cancer freak-out?
well, apparently they don't really do anything about moles while you're pregnant. they said some of them looked slightly sketch, but nothing to lose sleep over. they did measure them and told me to come back after the baby's born to have them looked at again. i have been a lot better about applying sunscreen. not daily, but at least weekly! haha, gotta start somewhere.

and remember how i went to get new glasses?
well, to save money i went to a discount eye place. it was way cheaper than anywhere else and you basically get two pair for the price of one. but you definitely get what you pay for. i picked one small and cute pair for everyday wear and one big and ridiculous-looking pair for watching movies and driving (little frames get in the way of my view).
anyway, when i went to pick them up, the big pair was fine but the little pair was a completely different prescription. they told me i'd get used to them. ha! well, i didn't. so a few days later i took them in and spoke with the manager. he said they were off by 90 degrees! (whatever that means...) also, in the 3 days i'd worn the big pair, one of the lenses had already started to come out! so he "fixed" them for me, but i'm still a little hesitant because it looks like it's coming out again. should've just gone to lenscrafters. but, when i get the little pair back, i promise to post pictures of both normal and nerdy looks.

so basically, this was just an update on future updates. way to go, b.


  1. but if piper can see them doesn't that mean she can touch them??

  2. yeah, but i hung them with this super-sticky stuff that's impossible to get off so there's no way she could pull them down. it's gonna be a blast trying to get them off. so for now, i'm just ignoring them. :) ugh.


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