Thursday, June 11, 2009


last night i made yummy mashed potatoes that joey showed me how to make last spring. i'm pretty sure at least 30% of my homemaking skills come from joey. the rest from my mom. with joey, every basic meal is gourmet and every little gathering is fabulous. he's like martha stewart except asian*, gay, and he's never been to prison.
anyway, back to the potatoes.
they're so easy, i don't have a "real" recipe for them (my favorite way to cook) but here's what you do...
1. boil red potatoes till they're soft & mashable.
2. drain water, reduce heat.
3. add as much butter, garlic, and dill as you like.
4. mash potatoes & mix all the stuff up.
5. salt & pepper to taste.
6. is that everything, joey?

easy, huh? last night i added a little lemon juice, cause it just sounded good. and it was!
sorry, no pictures. i think you have to be a good photographer to take food pictures that don't look nasty. i've tried, not there yet.

*okay, he's actually hispanic, but i'd say his true nationality is hispasian.


  1. Perfect! :) But I'm not Asian, I'm Mexican... and I have only been to prision once, just kidding. Haha.

  2. Haha! Hispasian! Priceless. I seriously burst out laughing sitting here alone blogging. :)


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