Tuesday, June 23, 2009


this weekend, we totally had a dream come true!
for weeks i'd been scouring craigslist for some type of affordable swingset. all the listings i found that actually looked decent were still out of our price range, and the ones we could afford looked like they were about to fossilize. i wasn't feeling very optimistic.
but, one day i was at a friend's house and realized she had a sweet singset in the backyard that (somehow) i'd never noticed before! her boys are getting a little old for it, so i asked if we could buy it from her when they were totally done with it. she said we could have it! for free! so this past saturday, mr. arganbright and mr. ottley (my dad) went to get it. a few hours later, piper and cousin b were in swingset heaven! i'm still amazed when i look out the window and see this awesome swingset. it's a total blessing because we could never afford to buy one like this and building one would've been pretty low on mr. arganbright's to do list.

while we tried to figure out how to set it up...

piper and bennett kept pretty busy...

and finally got to play!


  1. awesome! my sister and her husband just spent 36 HOURS putting together one they bought from Sams. you got a pretty sweet deal!! :)

  2. this post makes me want kids. :)

  3. The one of Piper sitting on the swing is so cute!

  4. hey, i am actually very interested!! we were sort of lazily looking, and now we have decided to start actively looking, before our dear old Mercedes kicks its final kick.

  5. We had a swingset EXACTLY like this that a tornato literally blew out of our yard and tore into pieces a couple summers ago. (better the swingset and not our house!) The kids still miss it even though they are older. They will have to come play with Piper and Bennett... :) The picures are SO cute!!

  6. ahhh, Piper looks just like her Daddy in these pictures!


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