Monday, June 29, 2009


remember when i mentioned we had a little wine explosion in our dining room? well, the next day we realized some of the wine must have seeped underneath the flooring, because the laminate was starting to peel off! we weren't exactly heartbroken, laminate tile is not our dream flooring. but, replacing it wasn't exactly on the top of our To Do (or To Spend) list either.
the dining room ceiling has also needed to be replaced because of some water damage that occurred before we moved in. so, on saturday mr. arganbright got right to it and started tearing out the ceiling tiles.

he got a fun little surprise when he found that the ceiling had been insulated with...
packing peanuts.

millions and millions of packing peanuts.
fyi: that room was always freeezing--so don't get any ideas.
crazy, huh? my dad came over to help and get a firsthand look at the peanut gallery (sorry, i had to). it took the two of them hours to clean it all up. but, then they were able to hang new drywall on the ceiling and rip up all the laminate flooring. under which they found this sweet green & black tile:
at this point, the new ceiling is ready for paint and we're checking out lumber liquidators for some affordable flooring. we've decided to replace the flooring throughout the main level so it looks cohesive. i hope to have some "after" pictures soon. but for now, i'm off to look for a job so we can pay for this mess!


  1. Packing peanuts is a new one! You never know what you might find in older homes-always a surprise. That is too funny! Sorry you didn't find someone's stash of cash or valuables.....

  2. did you let piper jump around in it? looks like a fun alternative to a ball pit. jk.

  3. haha, no! they were sick and dirty.


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