Thursday, June 25, 2009


t0day i...
woke up nicely.
then felt irritable.
ate breakfast outside.
felt better.
swept the back patio.
put birdseed in the feeders i hung weeks ago.
picked up sticks. literally.
was thisclose to getting pooped on by vengeful bird.
washed dishes.
switched laundry loads.
possibly found the perfect non-diaper bag diaper bag.
braved a couple cumulative hours of tantrum-throwing.
figured out some bill stuff.
cleaned the kitchen.
started a new book.
made hair cut appointment for myself and piper!
washed grapes.
sang christmas carols for piper.
looked & looked for a new razor.
forgot to use new razor.
took piper to play with cousin B.
went to the bank.
went to the store.
smelled this guy's b.o. but it didn't bother me.
thought guy must be working very hard.
baked a five-pound pizza. literally.
heard michael jackson died.
felt weird.
stayed out of the way while mr. arganbright & mike g brewed beer.
sat on the hammock.
loved my yard.
watched part of high school musical 3 on tv.
witnessed a gallon of mike g's homemade wine explode in dining room.
let them clean it up.
kissed piper good-night.
read about anna wintour documentary--i must see it.
felt tired.
washed face.
ate ice cream in bed.


  1. Thank you so much for the heads up on Haute Look! I am on the site now:)

  2. Wow! You did SO much. All I did was:
    1.) Wake Up
    2.) Eat Breakfast
    3.) "Surf The Web"
    4.) Call my friend Lourdes
    5.) Drive to Her House
    6.) Ate lunch there & Drink Prosecco
    7.) Go to Costco & BevM0 with Joseph
    8.)Make Dinner
    9.) Watch Taken
    10.) Cuddle...
    11.) Sleep

    Hahaha.... I guess when you list it out, it does add up. Good for you making a list. Now I feel like I didn't really waste my day off. :)


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