Monday, June 08, 2009


to celebrate our anniversary, i (sneakily) made reservations for us to spend the night downtown. sure it's only 15 minutes from our house, but a getaway is a getaway, no matter how far you get away! earlier in the day i checked into our room and stocked it full of snacks and drinks, books and magazines, and other fun surprises.
we walked around downtown until we decided on CABCO for dinner. good food and good beer. just a sample for me, thanks!
after dinner we were walking back towards the hotel when we passed a coffee shop where a bluegrass band was playing.

we grabbed a cappuccino and enjoyed the beautiful evening and great music.

the next morning we slept in, ordered room service and lazed around til checkout. it was all so relaxing and a great way to reconnect and celebrate.

oh, and i wasn't the only sneaky one!
mr. arganbright left a surprise in my car.
the brown paper wrapping was covered in a sweet hand-written note from my "four year old husband"
and contained the latest from one of my other favorite men...

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