Tuesday, June 30, 2009


blackberries for sal

every couple of days we're treated to ripe blackberries in our backyard...

piper's learned to only pick the black ones and avoid the pricklies...

not many actually make it to her bucket.

these days are full of sugar...

and spice...

and everything nice.

Monday, June 29, 2009


basically just a slight variation of this outfit.
but, it's comfy, cool (temp-wise), and i'll probably be wearing this basic formula all summer.

jacket: walmart
dress: tj maxx
flipflops: j.crew


remember when i mentioned we had a little wine explosion in our dining room? well, the next day we realized some of the wine must have seeped underneath the flooring, because the laminate was starting to peel off! we weren't exactly heartbroken, laminate tile is not our dream flooring. but, replacing it wasn't exactly on the top of our To Do (or To Spend) list either.
the dining room ceiling has also needed to be replaced because of some water damage that occurred before we moved in. so, on saturday mr. arganbright got right to it and started tearing out the ceiling tiles.

he got a fun little surprise when he found that the ceiling had been insulated with...
packing peanuts.

millions and millions of packing peanuts.
fyi: that room was always freeezing--so don't get any ideas.
crazy, huh? my dad came over to help and get a firsthand look at the peanut gallery (sorry, i had to). it took the two of them hours to clean it all up. but, then they were able to hang new drywall on the ceiling and rip up all the laminate flooring. under which they found this sweet green & black tile:
at this point, the new ceiling is ready for paint and we're checking out lumber liquidators for some affordable flooring. we've decided to replace the flooring throughout the main level so it looks cohesive. i hope to have some "after" pictures soon. but for now, i'm off to look for a job so we can pay for this mess!

Sunday, June 28, 2009


i was just thinking...
"it's awfully quiet downstairs."

tip of the day: trust your instincts!

Friday, June 26, 2009


just an errand-running day.
but off to a local vineyard for dinner, music, and maybe a little tasting tonight!

jacket: walmart
dress: express
wood bangle: forever21
turquoise bangle: plato's closet
necklace: express

from like 5 years ago when they had amazing jewelry.
sandals: saltwater
later realized my feet were too swollen to actually wear them.


i lovelovelove these state necklaces from maya brenner!
here are all the states i've called home...

and how cute is this one if you happen to be bi-coastal...

they're almost half off here, but still pretty pricey.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


t0day i...
woke up nicely.
then felt irritable.
ate breakfast outside.
felt better.
swept the back patio.
put birdseed in the feeders i hung weeks ago.
picked up sticks. literally.
was thisclose to getting pooped on by vengeful bird.
washed dishes.
switched laundry loads.
possibly found the perfect non-diaper bag diaper bag.
braved a couple cumulative hours of tantrum-throwing.
figured out some bill stuff.
cleaned the kitchen.
started a new book.
made hair cut appointment for myself and piper!
washed grapes.
sang christmas carols for piper.
looked & looked for a new razor.
forgot to use new razor.
took piper to play with cousin B.
went to the bank.
went to the store.
smelled this guy's b.o. but it didn't bother me.
thought guy must be working very hard.
baked a five-pound pizza. literally.
heard michael jackson died.
felt weird.
stayed out of the way while mr. arganbright & mike g brewed beer.
sat on the hammock.
loved my yard.
watched part of high school musical 3 on tv.
witnessed a gallon of mike g's homemade wine explode in dining room.
let them clean it up.
kissed piper good-night.
read about anna wintour documentary--i must see it.
felt tired.
washed face.
ate ice cream in bed.


i didn't actually get dressed til about 3 p.m. today.
this was the first day in a while that we haven't had anything to do, so i took advantage of it and bummed around in pajamas all day. when i finally did shower & dress, i was tempted to put on my beloved yoga pants, but my promise echoed through my mind (like a curse!), and my guilt forced me to scavenge my closet. i ended up a little matchy, but i'm over it. gotta work with what i got.

tank: j.crew
shorts: old navy maternity
(after i saw the picture, i chopped an inch off the shorts. bermudas were not meant for short people!)
flip flops: j.crew
earrings: forever21 (?)

the blur above is piper.
she wanted to be included in today's wear post.
this is what she picked out to wear....seriously.

hippo shirt: old navy
headband worn as belt: target

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


this weekend, we totally had a dream come true!
for weeks i'd been scouring craigslist for some type of affordable swingset. all the listings i found that actually looked decent were still out of our price range, and the ones we could afford looked like they were about to fossilize. i wasn't feeling very optimistic.
but, one day i was at a friend's house and realized she had a sweet singset in the backyard that (somehow) i'd never noticed before! her boys are getting a little old for it, so i asked if we could buy it from her when they were totally done with it. she said we could have it! for free! so this past saturday, mr. arganbright and mr. ottley (my dad) went to get it. a few hours later, piper and cousin b were in swingset heaven! i'm still amazed when i look out the window and see this awesome swingset. it's a total blessing because we could never afford to buy one like this and building one would've been pretty low on mr. arganbright's to do list.

while we tried to figure out how to set it up...

piper and bennett kept pretty busy...

and finally got to play!


nothing better than grilled cheese and tomato soup on a stormy night.

Monday, June 22, 2009


friday i wore a dress you've seen before, but this time with different shoes and some accessories...

dress: forever21
shoes: target

earrings: backcountry, a looooong time ago

belt: j.crew (remember the day i got it?)

saturday i was pretty exhausted after being up all night with painful contractions. i didn't think to take a picture of my "outfit" but apparently someone else did...

shirt: j.crew
shorts: old navy maternity
flipflops: j.crew
swollen feet, nappy hair
& lack of proper bust support:

sunday actually started out fairly mild before the swelter began. this outfit was easy, comfy, and mr. arganbright told me i looked beautiful, twice!

dress, cardigan, & flipflops: j.crew
earrings: forever21


this weekend was jam-packed full of fun. joseph & joey came in from san diego and here's a glimpse of our weekend with them:

they flew in on wednesday, so piper and i went to welcome them home. it was so good to see them and hard to believe it's been 6 months since they left for their big west coast adventure.
that afternoon we hung out at joesph's parents'; relaxing by the pool, catching up, and apparently, eating...

piper captained the black dog with mo-mo, the white dog...
this makes me think of a michael jackson song, can you guess?

then piper and joseph had a dance party...
joseph introduced piper to the blackeyed peas--her new fave.

thursday piper and i went to hear the "baby noise." everything seems good. she's a little over 4 pounds and i'm getting extremely uncomfortable, which has to be a good sign. ha.
after that, we met up with the boys and miss k for lunch at proof. amazing. seriously, if you live around here: go to proof!
check out picture-ready joey & deer-in-headlights joseph :)
we sat outside and it was pretty hot, but the food made up for it.
i had the scallops/tabbouleh...

later, we went back to the pool to cool off and spent the rest of the evening together. mr. arganbright joined us for dinner and it felt just like old times.

friday we met up for pizza from noah's (the best), birthday cake from the bake shoppe, and drinks & music at the vaudeville mews.
my drink was water. in case you were wondering.

:sigh: this picture makes me happysad. i miss them already.

our weekend together concluded on sunday evening with an outdoor dinner party...

it was a shabby-chic potluck with fantastic food, perfect ambiance, and some of our dearest friends.

the mismatched chairs and linens looked so cute!
some of the home-made goodies included fresh spring rolls, apricot-glazed pork, hot california rolls, and asian noodle salad.

oh, and i heard the sangria was great.

we had such a fun weekend, but it flew by and now they're flying back to san diego.
come back soon!