Tuesday, May 26, 2009


weekend wears...
cardigan: forever21
blouse: j.crew
pants: motherhood
sandals: tj maxx
bangles: j.crew
i worked on saturday night and for some reason it was crazy-hot in there. literally, if i laughed i broke out in a sweat. not so good for the swelling situation.

dress: tj maxx
tank: j.crew
bangles: forever21 & j.crew
flip-flops: j.crew
sunday was a perfect day. not too hot, not rainy, just nice.
went to church, lunch at my parent's, and then spent the night at this great bed & breakfast!

on monday we went to a Memorial service that mr. arganbright's grandparents participated in. it was a really neat service and i'm glad we spent part of our day honoring those who've made our country what it is.
after that, we spent the afternoon at his grandparent's farm. we sat on the front porch eating strawberries and chit-chatting while piper ran around with the chickens, peacocks, cats, and dogs.


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