Thursday, May 14, 2009


you may have noticed i haven't posted many wear pics lately.
it's not because i haven't been wearing anything.
i'm just feeling pretty chunked-out these days so i've been ignoring this part of my blog.
yell at me all you want, joseph, it's just how i feel! :)
but for old time's sake, this is what i'm wearing today...
t-shirt: alternative apparel
tank: j.crew
jeans: gap maternity
woven cuff: super-old forever 21


  1. Does Piper take these pics??

  2. super cute. love it! your lil' baby inside there is getting big! i love, love, love the pregnancy belly--when there is actually a babe IN there...not so much in my case--achem.

    love your posts on wear, they inspire me to be cute & accessorize...which i believe is the key to cuteness.

  3. Yes, really! The ones where you are standing? Who take those? Is that a stupid question? Lol!

  4. I love your wear posts, you are tooooo cute! :) I discovered this website today-it might give you some inspiration (like you would ever need it, pshh)...

  5. haha, sorry manda, but you gave me a good chuckle. i like the mental image of piper saying "yes, yes, gorgeous! the camera LOVES you! more neck, YES!"
    but sadly, piper does not take my pictures. our camera has a little 10-second timer on it so i just set it on a plant stand to get it at the right height.

  6. Normally, I would say shut up about your weight, but you ARE looking pretty chunky now. Girl, you need some Slim...FAST.



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