Tuesday, May 05, 2009


update: i called the other derm. and got an appointment for friday! today i lathered up with sunscreen before leaving the house. trying to make it part of my daily routine.
wait, did i say routine? i'm far from having a routine. hell, piper reminds me to brush my teeth and i just realized i'm not wearing deodorant...but i'magonna try!

in case you haven't heard, this month is skin-cancer awareness month. two magazines i read (elle and parents) reminded me (with graphic pictures and threatening statistics) that i need to make an appointment to get some freckles & moles checked out.
mr. arganbright has done a few remodeling projects for a local dermatologist, so i figured i'd call her first. sort of an "i'll scratch your back, you scratch the freckles on mine" thing. well, she must be scratchin' a lot of backs! the soonest appointment?
july 6th.
july 6th! i could be one dead freckle by then! so i asked for a referral to another derm. and hopefully i can get in sooner than that. until then, i'll just obsess over each little mark with the A B C D thing (assymetry, border, color, diameter) and start writing my will.


  1. Mara is convinced she has a skin disease that's going to kill her and when I made the call the derm was eight weeks out. I hope her impending death can wait that long.

  2. Speaking of the sun, how did the bathing suit work out?!

  3. haha, well...when it arrived i made the horrid mistake of trying it on. haha, i knew it would look crazy with my belly, but i thought it'd still give me an idea of whether i'd like it or not. i think i literally laughed out loud when i saw myself in the mirror. BUT i'm keeping it because it'll be great motivation to work out while seth is gone!!!

  4. j.crew now has some really cute one-piece suits!

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