Thursday, May 28, 2009


now let's see the bright side of this day...

1. a goodie box showed up on my doorstep:
note to hubby: the box is huge compared to its contents and everything was on super-sale.

i know this just looks like a boring ol' brown belt...
ok, i guess it is just a boring ol' brown belt, but i like it.

a dress for me; since that's about all i'll wear when it's hot...

and this cutie-cute crewcuts tank for my niece's upcoming birthday.
at $4.99 i'm wishing i'd bought one for piper!

2. i got this moroccan pouf from work:

nicole has one and since i basically want my home to look exactly like hers, i jumped at the chance to bring this baby home...
for free!

3.these pretty ladies...

today is the last day of my other job (watching big e & little e) and they brought me flowers!
how can you have a bad day when someone brings you flowers?

update: 4. the sun is out!


  1. Love the pouf and because it was FREE it makes it even better!

  2. how in the world did you score a free pouf? those are SO expensive! i'm very jealous!

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