Thursday, May 14, 2009


piper in progress:

you may be asking yourself, is that what i think it is?
yes, yes it is.
lately, piper has been sitting on her potty fully-clothed (and diapered) to go poop. this afternoon i found her sitting in there, so i pulled down her pants and told her to try to push her poop into the potty. she pushed & grunted for a bit and gave it a good try, but nothing came.
i put her diaper back on and went to make dinner.
mr. arganbright came home and at some point piper took her diaper off and was talking about going "poo-poo." he took her to the potty but got nothing. after that she was running around bare-bummed and it was so adorable, we just let her roam free for a while. all of a sudden she made a mad-dash for the potty, and as she ran, she left a little trail behind her.

i'd say that's a stinky step in the right direction!


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