Tuesday, May 05, 2009


have you seen my new mom-mobile?
we got it about a week ago & i keep forgetting to post this baby! it's the ford freestyle that i mentioned back then. it has three rows of bucket seats to hold lots of babies and leather interior to survive all the leaky fluids and crumbly snacks that come with them. but my favorite feature is, what mr. arganbright deemed, The Bus-Driver Mirror. it's this little wide-angle mirror that flips down from the ceiling so you can see all the mischief your passengers are up to...
"piper, take your bunny crackers out of sissy's ear."
"piper, babies don't eat boogies either."
"piper, honey, covering her face with your blankie is not the best way to make her stop crying."
without ever having to turn around!


  1. i swear I saw you today...in windsor heights getting out of this beauty? with a little grey or brown sundress....pretty sure it was you. or someone posing as you.

    if it WAS you, then you were just down the street from me casa!!

  2. ps. much cooler than my mom mobile which within the last two days has lost a hubcap & hit a mailbox with the side mirror. sweet. i lovingly call her POS

  3. Love it! You totally deserve it. I wish I could get a new car.

  4. Nice, Bethany. Leather interior means it won't matter if you discover a months-old cheeseburger under the carseat like we did one time. Go leather!

  5. AAAHHHH! We are totally looking at Freestyles too! We absolutely refuse to do the mini-van thing. What do you think so far?

  6. i LOVE it! it's a really "smooth" ride and i don't feel like it's way big. the first week or so i was unnecessarily cautious pulling into parking spots because it felt bigger than our subaru, but it's not THAT much bigger & super-easy to maneuver.


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