Thursday, May 07, 2009


i know i've posted a "mom" necklace before, but in honor of mother's day,
i thought i'd show you the latest lovely i found:
i love how you can pick one with the right number of chickies in your family.
too bad you can't "upgrade" in case of a suprise addition!
* * *
you may direct mr. arganbright here.


  1. oh my, this might be the best mother's day present a girl named meredith could dream of.


  2. I am OBSESSED with birds on a wire. Seriously, it is a disease. TRIPLE LOVE IT!!!!!

    Etsy rules!!!

  3. My bad...thought they were from etsy. is one of my faves too. They have something similar on etsy but they are a bit more gaudy. Simple is better.

  4. Those are adorable! There are so many cool mom necklaces now. But it does seem like you have to wait until you're finished having kids.


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