Friday, May 15, 2009


right now i'm ignoring the cries of my daughter who's been banished to her crib until mr. arganbright gets home. we had another poop incident. not a good one. (more like this one and this one.) i got angry and then burst into tears. now i'm sitting in bed thinking about how crying is stupid 'cause it's not helping anything. and i'm still mad. it's hard to feel mad at your daughter, but it doesn't necessarily take the anger away. i hate reading instructional books (like: How to Make Your Kid Not Spread Poo Everywhere), but i know i need to read something to figure out this potty training business. and by "business" i really wanna say bull*%#! and i feel overwhelmed because i don't really have time to commit to hardcore potty-training right now. in a few weeks i'll only be working 2 days a week instead of four, so maybe i can hold out until then. but i can't handle anymore of this.
so much for yesterday's stinky step forward. today we took some major steps back.


  1. duct tape her diaper on...that might help a little bit until you get an easier schedule.

    also, we read & did w/ both our kids Potty Training, 1,2,3. It was a hardcore weekend of nothing but potty talk...but it worked! i have it if you want to borrow it. :)

  2. Ugh. I wish I had some magic solution for you but I don't. We were so lazy when it came to potty training but maybe we wouldn't have been if we had a poop smearer. Seriously, duct tape works. Ask Cinnamon. They had to do it with their boys.

    It is never fun to be mad at your child(ren) and crying helps more than you think it does. Big hugs, sister!


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