Thursday, May 14, 2009


yesterday i had the dreaded glucose test.
for any non-moms out there, the glucose test is one of the many joys of being pregnant (for me it ranks just below mass cellulite and raging heartburn). after fasting for four hours, you get to drink this thick, syrupy orange drink then wait another hour to have your blood drawn. it determines whether you have gestational diabetes. or, more importantly, whether you have to stop eating ben & jerry's for breakfast. i was a little nervous about this test because recently 5 women i know have failed this test. if you fail it, you have to take a more extensive test (like, 10 hours extensive) that is, apparently, pretty awful.
but...i passed!
so in celebration, i bought this monstrosity at walmart...
i actually laughed out loud when i saw it. sour patch kids have been my weakness throughout this pregnancy, but i've never seen them in such mass quantity.
this is my favorite part:
FYI: two pounds of sour patch kids is great to share.
prooooobly don't wanna eat them all yourself.


  1. I know the perfect person you can share them with!!! :)

    By the way, they scheduled my glocola test for next time and I double checked with her about the fasting. She said, no, eat a normal breakfast, just nothing too sugary! So weird why it would be any different. Maybe your Dr. is extra precautious

  2. YAY! You passed! It was probably because you skipped a huge dessert the night before...Bwaaahahaaaa!!

    My fave Easter candy find this year was Sour Patch jelly beans! The kids are too much for me but a bean...perfection!

  3. Ok, first of all, I had to fast for 12 HOURS and stilled failed my first one, so major props to you. Second, during my first trimester I had a craving for gummy bears and bought a 6 POUND bag at Costco. Josh thought I was kidding. And they were gone in two weeks. I don't think I can ever eat a gummy bear again though!

  4. I would probably not be sharing those yummies :)

  5. I like how it's not even 2 pounds....but 1.9. As if they couldn't have packaged another 0.1 pounds in there to make it an even number.


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